Yes, Beyoncé Can Perform While She's Expecting

Duane Prokop/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The world was treated to the best news on Wednesday: Beyoncé and Jay Z are expecting twins. Queen Bey took to Instagram to announce her pregnancy with a photo that will become the definition of slaying while pregnant. Of course, some fans are wondering if Beyoncé can perform while pregnant, to which I say — have you met her daughter Blue Ivy? This is nothing new for the megastar. (And also, it's 2017, guys, the world's most iconic musician can make music and grow two people inside of her at the same time. And probably start another Lemonade-esque revolution. She's good at multi-tasking.)

At this point, people should no longer be questioning whether pregnancy stops women from doing their jobs. Yes, being pregnant is a big deal. Women, even famous ones, have to deal with their bodies changing, hormonal fluctuations, and actually giving birth to a new human (or two in the "Formation" singer's case), but working while pregnant is nothing new. More importantly, Bey has done this before.

When she became pregnant with her amazing daughter Blue Ivy she still performed. Remember the 2011 VMAs? Beyoncé was pregnant and fabulous when she owned the stage with her rendition of "Love on Top." She even opened up her performance by saying, "I want you to feel the love growing inside me!"

During a 2011 interview, Beyoncé did tell Us Weekly, "When you're pregnant, it's a little bit harder to breathe, so it was hard doing all the choreography and singing at the same time." Still, the star powered through any discomfort to give a series of amazing performances. Even with twins on the way, you can expect Bey to do her best to give knockout performances while taking care of herself and her growing family.

This should alleviate the fears of fans who bought tickets for Coachella 2017. Queen Bey is set to headline the event for the first time ever. Since Coachella is in April, it is unlikely the event will coincide with Beyoncé's due date, so relax, guys. Coachella's lineup was announced in January, which means the singer most likely knew she was pregnant, and she wouldn't have committed to perform if she didn't believe she could handle it. Unless Bey says otherwise, you can bet she and her twins will be rocking the stage together.

Don't underestimate Queen Bey. This is the woman who rewrote the book on album releases and being an inspiration. If she can perform, she will perform, so look forward to lots more Bey awesomeness to come in 2017.