Beyoncé Gives An Anniversary Gift To All Of Us

by Amy Mackelden
Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It won't come as a surprise to anyone that Beyoncé's wedding anniversary gift for Jay Z is possibly the best gift anyone ever gave or received. For their ninth anniversary, Beyoncé has taken to TIDAL to share a video, track, and playlist, all dedicated to her husband. As if the fact she's currently carrying the couple's twin babies isn't enough, Beyoncé has outdone us all by creating the cutest video dedicated to her relationship with Jay Z. In an extremely personal montage, fans are shown clips of the couple throughout their relationship, and it truly cements how incredible the musicians are together.

The track, "Die With You," was first released by Beyoncé in 2015 for the couple's seventh anniversary. The song was a TIDAL exclusive, and the original video featured a pared-back performance from Beyoncé, wearing a baseball cap with her hair in pigtails. But the 2017 video goes above and beyond by compiling a plethora of adorable moments the couple has shared throughout their relationship, including video clips of them on vacation together. Basically, if you've ever wanted a behind the scenes look at Jay Z and Beyoncé's love, then your wish has been granted in the best possible way.

Though they're an intensely private couple, Beyoncé's tribute to her husband gives fans a real insight into what it's like to be married to the rapper. And the video for "Die For You" isn't any ordinary music video. Instead, it's a chronological look at Beyoncé and Jay Z's relationship, including super personal footage of their wedding, their family life, and the milestones they've celebrated together.

From Jay Z and Blue Ivy's incredibly cute interactions to footage of Beyoncé walking down the aisle at her wedding, "Die For You" is possibly the best, and most heartfelt, ninth anniversary gift anyone could ever create. It seriously puts any box of chocolates to shame.

Plus, if you need any further convincing that Jay Z and Beyoncé's love is as strong as ever, then look no further than the special anniversary playlist. Called IV EVER EVER and featuring the likes of "Say You Will" by Kanye West, and "Magic" by Coldplay, Beyoncé's anniversary gift for Jay Z will make you wonder what he could have possibly got for her in return.