Bill Nye Turns Your Fave Netflix Shows Into Science Lessons

If you're currently feeding your mind with the delicious, scientific wonders that the new Netflix show, Bill Nye Saves The World, is serving up, then just hold up a second, because you're definitely going to want to leave room for dessert. On Wednesday, Netflix released three videos of Bill Nye explaining Netflix shows and their numerous scientific mysteries, and the clips are truly a joy to behold.

Speaking with his usual unbridled charm and enthusiasm, Nye delves into some of the scientific head-scratchers to be found in Stranger Things, Fuller House, and Gilmore Girls. And while Nye's scientific insight into Stranger Things is actually pretty helpful, his revelations about Gilmore Girls and Fuller House will seriously change your perspective on the fast-talking Gilmores, and the feel-good triggers of the Tanner Family forever more.

But let's start with his thoughts on Stranger Things, in which Nye discusses the multiverse theory, a concept which forms an important basis of the show's core story and I still don't fully understand it. He explained, "According to the multiverse theory, the continuous expansion of the universe has produced various pockets of energy that expanded exponentially to create other universes similar, and yet completely different from our own." Nope, still not catching on, guys,

Thankfully his conclusion is a little more simple, as he explains, "My money’s on El’ traveling through space and time to be reunited with her Eggos." Which is just really sound science that I can totally get behind.

Then, there's Nye's scientific appraisal of Fuller House, and more specifically, the way that we respond to all the adorable moments that make our hearts swell and minds swoon while watching it. He said,

"When you watch these moments, and let out a long 'aww,' that's your brain's evolutionary biology kicking in to remind you that humans have been attracted to the same cute things since we showed up on the Earth's surface."

I mean, who even knew that there was such a specific science behind cooing over cuteness, and having to pause your Netflix while you have a legit meltdown over puppies? Not me, that's for sure.

Which brings me to the third and final video of his Netflix science lessons, in which Nye explains Gilmore Girls, and ponders the ramifications of Lorelai and Rory's clearly excessive coffee habit. During the video, he estimates that the mother and daughter ingest a gargantuan 50,000 MG of caffeine a day — a figure that Nye correlates directly to why Lorelai and Rory talk so fast.

However, he does have a second theory for the speed-talking of the Gilmore duo, adding that it could be due to all "the cute boys in Stars Hollow," before winking in a manner that has seriously left me giddy with joy, in a way that no other science teacher has ever been able to do.

And now, all I want to do with my life is put together a nice buffet, add some quality Netflix titles to my list, and invite the delightful Mr. Nye and his wonderful bow ties to explain a whole bunch of other Netflix shows to me in his distinctive, irrepressible manner.