How To Do Your Eyebrows Like Billie Eilish Because They Are TOO Good

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Brooke Shields, Cara Delevingne, and Emilia Clarke all have one thing ins common. Their eyebrows are a signature part of their look. Now, though, there a new member of the brow squad because Billie Eilish's eyebrows are basically already iconic. The fresh-faced singer and songwriter has some of the most natural, feathery, fantastic brows on the block, and her makeup artist is revealing how Eilish gets the look.

Just in case you hadn't heard, Billie Eilish is basically the up-and-coming star of the moment (if you can even call her up-and-coming any more, thanks to her popularity). The teenager garnered attention when she uploaded her song "Ocean Eyes" to SoundCloud at just 14 years old. Now, at 17, she's on stage at Coachella with fans going wild.

Eilish's music had found fans in major celebrities, and her style (like her blue hair) is a topic of conversation. The singer's fresh face and killer brows, though, definitely deserve some love. Like her '90s-esque, androgynous style, Eilish's brows are becoming her thing when it comes to her beauty look, and Bustle spoke with her makeup artist, Robert Rumsey, about how he achieves her full, feathery brows both on and off stage.

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Rumsey explains that Eilish basically has flawless brows naturally (hey, some people are just lucky). However, he does do a bit of work to them. He says that while what he does is minimal, it's precise. "I draw in a few hairs with Benefit's Precisely, My Brow eyebrow pencil," he explains, "It has the perfect amount of firmness and pigment and I know it won’t move. Then I brush the hairs up with 24-Hr Brow Setter in Clear. It holds so well without leaving a film on the hairs."

Of course, the whole word can't have naturally gorgeous brows like Eilish, but Rumsey has a few pointers for those who need a bit of extra help in that department. Just like his work with singer's brows, everything about your arches is also based on precision. He explains that for those who have thinner brows, he uses Benefit's Precisely, My Brow pencil to, "draw the hairs in the direction of the natural growth. It’s more modern than filling in the entire brow." He also says that, for him, brows should never be opaque. Instead, you should be able to see the actual hairs, a lot like Eilish's own look.

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While the singer's brows are kind of her thing, she's also got the no-makeup makeup look down pat. For Rumsey, the look is all about a less is more approach to skin. For Eilish, he evens out her skin tone and then strategically sets parts of her face. If, however, you want the look but also need a bit more coverage, he's got some advice.

"You don’t need a ton of products," he says, "A good foundation and concealer. I prefer buildable products. I like translucent loose powder for the t-zone and cream highlighters that aren’t sticky."

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While everyone can't be blessed with Billie Eilish's eyebrows, her makeup artist Robert Rumsey's tips on how to get her feathery look could help you get pretty damn close. Just remember, it's all about precision and a less is more approach. Take his advice, and you could have brows like Billie.