Hannah G Stars In A New Campaign Featuring Clothes That'll Help You Steal Her 'BiP' Look

Courtesy of Kensie

It's only week two of Bachelor in Paradise, but the drama is in full swing. While the stars of the show are currently tight-lipped about the events down in Mexico, BiP star Hannah Godwin's Kensie campaign has her front and center amid the drama. The campaign, however, doesn't bring any bad vibes. In fact, it is all about empowering women through style and showing you how to get Godwin's paradise looks.

Canadian brand Kensie (offers sizes 0-16) is all about feminine and pretty silhouettes and patterns, and the pieces fit right in with Godwin's own sense of style. In fact, in an interview with Bustle, the reality star says she's been shopping Kensie for years, even before her rise to television fame. Now, she says partnering with a brand she loves is "a dream." The synergy between the brand's fashion forward pieces and Godwin's own sense of style is why the Bachelor star is the perfect spokesperson for Kensie's Make Pretty Powerful campaign, according to the brand.

For Godwin, the Kensie campaign couldn't have come at a better time. She says to Bustle that being powerful means, "being confident in yourself and believing in yourself." While she was taught that from a young age, she says it's only something she's just putting into practice now. Her work with Kensie has only helped.

"It was cool that I was able to work with a brand that was standing for something I was trying to grasp and take in myself," Godwin says. "I think [being powerful] is just being you and accepting that you are okay. You are beautiful, and you are amazing. That’s a really powerful message especially in today’s society."

Courtesy of Kensie

The new pieces and images for fall focus on countering the idea that pretty and feminine can't be powerful. In a press release, the brand explains the campaign as "empowering women with the message that they can be both pretty AND powerful even through adversity, gaining strength and becoming stronger and more beautiful — inside and out."

Courtesy of Kensie

Obviously, Godwin's style corresponds to the feminine and romantic patterns and shapes of Kensie, but the Bachelor in Paradise contestant isn't afraid of making a statement. The former influencer hails from Alabama, and she explains that her Southern roots have made her more brave when it comes to her fashion choices.

She says that Southern style is all about practicality, but for her, finding statement pieces helped her stand out when not everyone around her was trying fashion forward looks.

"For me, I was always like 'Oh, let’s test the waters,'" she says of her style evolution, "I was okay with being unique and trying out new things that I think not everyone was doing at the time. I think it’s made me a bit more brave in fashion."

Courtesy of Kensie

As for her style inspirations, Godwin actually cites former The Bachelorette lead JoJo Fletcher as someone who's style she admires. Turns out, though, it's not just Fletcher's fashion.

"She’s someone who I really look up to. She’s such a boss and herself and she owns it," Godwin says. "She’s positive and also has amazing style. She’s someone I really look up to fashion wise, even if it wasn’t fashion-related. She’s someone I very much take a lot of style inspiration from."

Courtesy of Kensie

While Godwin and Fletcher haven't graced television screens together on one of The Bachelor franchises, it turns out that the women of The Bachelor do share styles. Godwin explains that while in the Bachelor mansion, the women often share their clothes with one another.

"It’s basically like an entire store of clothes to choose from," Godwin shares. "You lend out your clothes, and in return, you get a whole new suitcase of someone else’s stuff."

While filming has wrapped on Bachelor in Paradise (though it is currently airing on ABC), maybe fans will see Kensie pieces being shared between Godwin and her co-stars. Until then, Hannah Godwin's Kensie campaign will give you plenty of pretty and powerful style inspiration.