Caelynn's Post-'BiP' Relationship With Dean Is Bringing Out A "Different Side" Of Her

'Bachelor In Paradise' star Caelynn shared how Dean is making her more adventurous
Bachelor Nation on ABC/YouTube

Almost four months after they decided to ditch the beaches of Mexico and ride off together into the sunset, Bachelor in Paradise's Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert seem to be happier than ever. In a recent interview with E! News, Caelynn revealed that Dean brings out a "different" side of her, sharing that the mustache-enthusiast has encouraged her to tap into her adventurous side with thrill-seeking dates. Telling the outlet that she's "very happy" in her new relationship, Caelynn added, "It has been so much fun because he brings out a very different side of me."

She continued, "Our relationship is different than any other ones that I have had. He challenges me and pushes me in different ways." And it seems that Dean's outdoorsy lifestyle has rubbed off on the former beauty queen as well. "He takes me skydiving and puts me on the back of a motorcycle," Caelynn explained. "He brings out the adventure side of me but also challenges me intellectually as well."

And while the pair hit a rough patch on Paradise due to Dean's confession that he's "bad at dating" and his abrupt departure from the beach, it seems that Caelynn and Dean are more open with each other than ever before. "He is one of the best communicators as well," she said of her new boyfriend. "He has made me a better communicator. In relationships, I tend to close myself off if I am having a problem or an issue and he makes me be more vulnerable."

Dean has also spoken about how his relationship with Caelynn is different than any one he's had before during a conversation with former Bachelorette leads Rachel Lindsay and Ali Fedotowsky-Manno on their Bachelor Happy Hour podcast. Describing Caelynn as his perfect match in Bachelor Nation, he explained that there is much less pressure on this relationship than any of his past post-show romances.

"All of the girls that I’ve dated publicly from the Bachelor franchise — I’m not going to name names — but they’ve always been regarded as these great women. And they are good, they’re great people," Dean confessed, referencing exes Lesley Murphy, Kristina Schulman and Danielle Lombard. "Both after Paradise and Winter Games, it was always kind of regarded as I was the lesser version of them, and they were always slumming it to be with me, and how they were always so much better than me."

He continued, "And the toll that that puts on the relationship is kind of frustrating from my perspective because what the public perceives and what the relationship actually is is misaligned. It’s not right." Instead, with Caelynn, Dean explained that there isn't the same amount of "pressure" to prove that his girlfriend isn't "slumming it" by dating him and that he's worthy of her time and affection.

While the pair often poke fun at their "opposites attract" vibe — including Dean joking on Instagram that he's a "dirtbag" and she's the "beauty queen," the pair have shared how much happier they've been since they decided to leave Paradise early and head out on the road together in Dean's van. After the Paradise episode where they decided to leave the beach together aired, both shared a romantic photo of themselves gazing into each others' eyes in the back of Dean's new home. “Lots of ramen, very few showers, and a whole lot of happiness,” Caelynn wrote on Instagram, while Dean joked on his own Instagram account, "Sorry we had to leave #bachelorinparadise early, the vantasy suite waits for no one."

While it remains to be seen whether Dean and Caelynn become one of the rare Bachelor Nation couples to tie the knot, it's clear they are enjoying their exciting new relationship, and the different sides its brings out in both of them.