Caelynn & Dean Look Happier Than Ever In All Their Post-‘Paradise’ Van Photos

Bachelor Nation on ABC/YouTube

Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert’s post-Bachelor life invokes Jack Kerouac. Caelynn and Dean’s van photos hint that they’re happier than ever now that they’re off Bachelor in Paradise. A day after the two left Paradise together on the Monday, Sept. 9 episode, both Caelynn and Dean offered further confirmation of their relationship on Instagram. On Tuesday, Sept. 10, the two shared matching snapshots of each other on the road and cozied up in Dean’s van (his current place of residence) as they overlook a scenic sunset background.

“Lots of ramen, very few showers, and a whole lot of happiness,” Caelynn captioned her Instagram post. Elsewhere on social media, Dean offered a punny van caption of his own. “sorry we had to leave #bachelorinparadise early,” he captioned his Instagram post. “the vantasy suite waits for no one”

Get it? Vantasy suite? Because they’re in a van? Kerouac is laughing in his grave. In the Sept. 9 episode, the two left Paradise after Dean had returned with the ultimate grand gesture: after leaving the series, he returned and asked Caelynn to leave the show with him after declaring his true feelings. While Caelynn was initially conflicted due to her budding romance with Connor Saeli, she ultimately chose Dean.

Shortly after the shocking episode, Caelynn took to Instagram to address the situation with some mustache humor. “They say you don’t know a good thing till it’s gone...,” she captioned a series of throwback photos of her and Dean, with his mustache in tow. “I think it’s time to bring the mustache back”

Prior to Monday’s episode, fans have speculated that Caelynn and Dean have been an item for some time now. Now, the pictures all but prove it. As for why they're in a van: fans will recall that Dean revealed back in June that he switched up his mode of residence. He told Entertainment Tonight back in June, "I just moved out of my house. I'm just trying to travel the country and see what happens. I live in a van now."

He further elaborated on his travel plans, “I'm planning on [traveling] all across the continental U.S. and then maybe up into Canada as well. So, I don't know if that's very conducive for a relationship. If it does happen, great, but if not, then I'm not willing to fight it, I guess."

Clearly, the decision to change his lifestyle came before his coupling with Caelynn. At the time, he credited climber Alex Honnold’s life, as explored in the documentary Free Solo, as the influence to move into his van. "He just made me want to do it and give it a go," he told ET. "I've just always kind of had like a nomadic spirit in me, and I've always wanted to do it, and I was, like, no better time than now. I'm single and unemployed and now I'm homeless, so I might as well do it, you know?"

A lot has certainly changed since then. As for now, Bachelor fans can rest easy knowing that Caelynn and Dean got their happily ever — one filled with minimal showers and a ramen-heavy diet.