This New Two-Toned Lipstick Is Perfect For Indecisive Beauty Lovers

You can never have too much makeup. For beauty lovers, that's just a fact. From eyeshadows to foundations to highlighters, the more variety in your makeup collection, the more looks in your pockets. Now, BITE Beauty's new two-toned lipsticks are giving indecisive beauty lovers no reason to limit their collection of lippies. These beauties combine two lipsticks into one, and to be honest, the world should be shook over the genius of it.

What exactly is a two-tone lipstick? The first thing that comes to mind may be products similar to Benefit's They're Real! Double the Lip. The products combines a lipstick and lip liner into one product. That, however, is not the case with BITE's latest creation.

We've all been there when a lip color just wasn't right. Whether you wish your red had just a hint more of a brown hue or the pink you love needs just a touch of peach, that's where BITE comes in. The two-toned lipsticks combine two complimentary lip colors that divide directly in the center of the bullet. In a stroke of genius, BITE essentially eliminated the need for you to custom mix your lipstick to get a perfect shade. They've done it for you.

Creating a custom color isn't the only thing this innovative lipstick can do. With ombre lips still a huge trend, the lipsticks help you embrace the look with much less work. If you love the popsicle lip trend, otherwise known as a gradient lip, you can use the two colors to craft that look, too.

Truly adventurous beauty lovers can even rock a fully two-toned pout by using one color on the top lip and the other on the bottom.

If you're worried that you'll need to wait for lippies, they're actually not a holiday release. They're available right now at Sephora for $26. Considering that you're getting two lippies in one, the price truly isn't that bad. As for the formula, fans of BITE should be stoked because it's their famous Amuse Bouche formula.

If you want to shop the Amuse Bouche Two Toned Lipsticks, you'll need to do it fast. They are not permanent additions to the BITE line, meaning there's no way to know if a restock will come after they sell out.

While the brand is only offering three color options at the moment, it may be a sign of things to come from BITE. Mixing colors to craft a perfect shade is actually something BITE is well-known for. Even if you haven't shopped the brand at Sephora before, you may still have heard of them and not know it.

If you've heard rumors of the fantasy land that allows you to create your own custom lipstick, that's actually the BITE Beauty Lip Lab. The brand has lab locations in New York City, San Francisco, and Toronto where you can create your very own custom lipstick. Bear in mind that the cost of crafting two bespoke lippies is going to run you a whopping $150. But hey, can you ever really put a price on customized beauty?

If the bespoke lippies are a bit outside of your price range, the BITE two-toned lipsticks are going to be a dream come true at a fraction of the price. With a combination of mauves, nudes, reds, and pinks, the lippies cover a wide color selection despite only having three choices, and at $26 per lipsticks, you're really only paying $13 per color.

If you can't possibly decide on which signature Amuse Bouche lipstick to purchase from BITE, take a look at these multi-colored beauties and get your credit card ready.