Blue Ivy Casually Carried A $1,820 Purse To A Basketball Game

by Summer Arlexis
Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As long as Blue Ivy is around, the daughter of music royalty will always be the highlight of any event no matter what she does. With mom Queen Bey as her main stylist, everything the mini star wears is a hot topic of discussion. Styled to a T, Blue Ivy's purse at the NBA All-Star Game was the standout accessory you can't help but notice from the night's star-studded photos.

By now, it's a given that Blue Ivy is going to be dressed in the best of the best when she enters the public eye. From the Prince-inspired suit she wore to the 2017 Grammys to the princess dress that made an appearance at the 2016 VMAs, little Blue has had some major style moments throughout her young life. Sitting courtside with mom Beyoncé and grandma Tina Lawson at this year's All-Star Game, Blue Ivy posed for selfies in casual cool attire and looked so on point while doing it.

Even though her head-to-toe look was a winner, it was the bold accessory clutched between her fingers that was the highlight of her ensemble— and it's not just the bag itself that will blow you away. The price tag on Blue Ivy's purse was the real statement maker of the evening.

Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Reportedly raking in at $1,820, Blue Ivy's mini Louis Vuitton purse probably costs more than your rent. In an electric blue hue, it was the pop of color her fabulous courtside attire needed. The Louis Vuitton Alma BB bag in monogram vernis leather, available in a variety of hues and materials, was perhaps an ode to her name.

You have to wonder what Blue keeps inside such a trendy bag— lip gloss? Toys? Perhaps, the juice box and snacks we've seen Bey feeding her throughout long events. Regardless of what she's packing inside of it, this is one high-end accessory for such a young child.

This isn't even the first luxury bag spotted on Sir and Rumi Carter's big sis— she once rocked a $2,675 Valentino Purse to the 2018 Grammys. So, Beyoncé's mini me is clearly living her best, trendsetting life.

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Pairing the bag with Rayban sunnies and a Givenchy leather jacket retailing for just under $1,500, the six-year-old proved you can be a fashionista at any age. Every aspect of her outfit was spot on, from the distressed details in her jeans to the red-and-white stripes on the cuffs of her bomber.

Even next to a stunning Queen Bey— photographed in a mustard wrap skirt, a comfy, black boodie, and see-through lace-up booties— little Blue stole the spotlight. No shade to Bey's totally trendy, sold out Karl Lagerfeld Choupette backpack, but Blue's cobalt bag would be the victor if the mother-daughter duo were in a fashion showdown.

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Comparisons aside, both Blue and Bey accessorized their looks perfectly. Beyoncés honey waves and oblong shades complimented her chic wardrobe while Blue's plaits and round frames accented her laid-back, cool-girl style.

Naturally the two had to document their killer ensembles with a few selfies fans are still patiently waiting to see (Beyoncé has yet to post the flicks on her social media). Sunnies in tact, with her expensive purse nestled in her lap throughout the game, Blue was a stunner.

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It's worth borrowing a few pages out of the child star's fashion notebook. She's always accessorized to the nines, whether she's wearing sparkly kicks, monogrammed leather jackets, or embellished denim.

From birth, the mini Carter has been rocking designer like its no big deal. so it's no wonder she can casually slay with a bag that costs your entire paycheck.