One Of Your Favorite Online Clothing Brands Has Their Own Makeup Line Now

by Jessica Thomas

For fast-fashion retailers like Boohoo, the key to doing well is maximizing on the latest trends and creating affordable ways for people to switch up their looks on the reg. That's why Boohoo Cosmetics, the brand's new cosmetics line, is such a natural next step for the e-tailer.

That's right, the UK-based online retailer is expanding into the cosmetics industry, and you can expect the company's new products to include everything trendy and of-the-moment when it comes to beauty.

In the past few years, Boohoo has launched collaborations with everyone from model/Kylie Jenner BFF Jordyn Woods to plus size model Nadia Aboulhosn to singer Charli XCX, expanded extended clothing sizes including plus sizes and petites, and seriously focused on its expansion into the U.S. market.

All of the company's efforts have paid off, and it's exploding in popularity in the U.S. market. There's still a market for affordable, under-$100 clothing, and Boohoo fills that gap nicely (alongside peers like H&M and ASOS).

And like some other fast-fashion retailers, branching into beauty is a natural next step for a company like Boohoo (H&M also has an in-house beauty line). After all, beauty trends change as fast as fashion trends (if not faster).

Boohoo Cosmetics is available now on the Boohoo website, and all of its prices stay true to the Boohoo affordable price point, because they ring in between $5 and $32. So what's in the collection? Find out below.

Boohoo Smooth & Protect Primer, $9, Boohoo

Every makeup routine needs a good primer, and this affordable option helps make your face the perfect canvas for applying the rest of your makeup.

Boohoo 3 Shade Contour Palette, $5, Boohoo

There's nothing trendier than contouring, but considering the trend has stuck (and launched a million new contour kits), I'd say it's here to stay. So it's no surprise Boohoo is getting into the contour game with this simple and affordable contour palette.

Boohoo 4 Piece Precision Brushes, $32, Boohoo

Of course you need tools to apply that contour kit, and these brushes (which are the only item in the Boohoo line over $30) will do the trick. They're like a more affordable version of the Artis brushes that are crazy popular with the Instagram set.

Boohoo 3 Shade Bronzer Palette, $9, Boohoo

Of course bronzer has to be included in this collection as well. These three wearable shades will help you get a sun-kissed glow and subtle highlight.

Boohoo 3 Shade Highlighter Palette, $9, Boohoo

Almost nothing tops the contouring trend — except highlighter, that is. This three-shade highlighter palette is a natural fit for Boohoo's first cosmetics collection.

Boohoo 2 Pack Blending Sponges, $6, Boohoo

These Beautyblender-esque sponges are perfect for blending all that highlighter and bronzer, and they're super affordable.

Boohoo 8 Shade Bronze Eye Palette, $18, Boohoo

The Boohoo Cosmetics collection includes three eight-shade eyeshadow palettes, and this bronze one is perfect for a bronze smokey eye.

Boohoo Get Set Setting Spray, $8, Boohoo

You need a good setting spray to set all those other Boohoo Cosmetics products, and this $8 option from the collection is vitamin-enriched and will hold everything in place.

Boohoo 3 Shade Matte Lip Set, $7, Boohoo

You can't make a makeup collection today without including some matte lipsticks, and Boohoo Cosmetics' line has numerous options. These neutral choices are affordable and chic.

You can see the entire Boohoo Cosmetics line on the Boohoo website, where it just launched. The entire collection has more than 50 products to choose from, and although some are sold by different brands, the majority are Boohoo-branded. And if Boohoo's clothing lines are any indication, this collection will have new additions as trends come and go — and that's definitely not a bad thing.