This Green Mask Is The Adult Version Of The Goopy Mask That Defined Middle School Girls' Night

Glitter body spray, cotton candy perfumes, and Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers are the nostalgic beauty items millennials still love, but there was another. Those goopy green masks that you paired with cucumber slices for your eyes were a sleepover staple. Now, Boscia's Matcha Magic Mask is here to be the adult answer to those bright green drugstore masks you always begged your parents to get you. Whether you wanted to be Anne Hathaway getting her makeover in The Princess Diaries or you want to revisit the days of the classic Queen Helene Mint Julep mask (which is still a banger), Boscia's green Matcha mask is the perfect product for your adult sleepovers.

It's hard to pinpoint why green masks became such a staple of middle school. Maybe it was those teen comedies or maybe it was just that they were cheap AF and fun to apply. Whatever the reason, the colorful mask trend doesn't seem to have left the beauty world. Instead, it's just taken on new formulas. From GLAMGLOW's chrome peel-off masks to Too Faced Glow Job, skin treatments come in practically every color these days, but it's the green masks and cucumber eye covers that seem stuck in the millennial imagination. Now, there's an adult answer to your green mask needs thanks to Japanese skin care brand Boscia.

Other than the nostalgia factor, why try a new green mask when there are so many options? Because this mask is not like the green mud masks of yesterday. It's a modern take on a classic product that combines natural (and trendy AF) ingredients to soothe skin, reduce oil, and and minimize redness. Let's be honest, we all remember the days of slathering on green mint masks, removing them, and having our faces be redder than your face when you tried to pass your crush a note. Boscia eliminates that problem.

The mask's key ingredient is Matcha (obviously). Yes, like the lattes and tea your friends get at Starbucks. Now, it's just for face. According to the brand's website, the Matcha inside the mask is just like the tea itself, packed full of antioxidants that help soothe and protect the skin. Before you start trying to dunk your face in a bowl of Matcha tea, the mask also has other key ingredients that set it apart from you taking a bath in a big green tub.

Ingredients like willowherb and willowbark extract help combat acne and breakouts, control oil, and reduce redness on the skin.

If all the ingredients weren't enough to sell you on the product, its color and texture certainly will. Unlike those green mud masks that used to come in plastic bags that hung from the end of aisles at your local drugstore, the Boscia Matcha Magic mask comes in a simple, classic jar and is a clay formula that goes on ultra smooth using your hands or a spatula. In its most magical aspect, it's bright green and stays that way. Plus, it smells like, well, like matcha.

If you want to relive the days of Lip Smackers clipped on to your backpack and your girlfriends in sleeping bags on the floor, Boscia's Matcha Magic Super Antioxidant Mask is the perfect way to do it. Only this go around, you can switch out those Capri Suns for wine.