Brooklyn Beckham's Latest Tattoo Is A Tribute To His Mum — And She Loves It

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Like father like son might be true when it comes to style, but this boy's mom has his heart. As People found, Brooklyn Beckham got the ultimate tattoo tribute to Victoria Beckham. The aspiring photographer has tons of tattoos in tribute to his family, but this is the biggest and boldest yet. Oh, and if you're wondering what Victoria Beckham thinks about the ink, she loves it.

Some parents get upset when their children decide to cover themselves in tattoos, but not this family. According to his Instagram post, Brooklyn Beckham got a floral heart on his shoulder with the word "mum" inside. Yes, really. He took the classic heart with an arrow through it and gave it a modern twist that even his mom loves.

Victoria lovingly refers to it in her Instagram post as a "big tattoo" as she posed next to Brooklyn pointing to the new ink. It's clear to see that she completely approves of this new design. The black ink tattoo, which features flowers, a big heart, and script writing, is one of the 18-year-old's biggest tattoos yet. In case you aren't aware, the family is from the United Kingdom, which is why it reads "mum" instead of "mom."

This might be the biggest tribute to his family on his body, but it is by no means the first. Brooklyn has been 18 for less than a year now, and he already has enough tattoos to start rivaling his heavily tatted father. Just this year alone, Brooklyn has gotten the word "buster," the nickname his mom used to call him as a child, tattooed on his stomach and the year "1975," which is the year his father was born, on the outside of his hand.

In December 2017, he even got a tribute to his family by tattooing the numbers "020511" on his arm. The numbers signify the years that his siblings were born. He also has the number seven tattoos on his knuckle, but the young star has yet to announce what it means.

According to previous Bustle coverage, the 18-year-old is well into the teens with the amount of tattoos he's gotten in just his first year of being legal. His other larger tattoos include a lion his left hand and a large cherub shooting an arrow on the middle of his stomach. According to his Instagram posts, Dr. Woo, a celebrity tattoo artist, has inked most of them.

It comes as no surprise that Brooklyn is as obsessed with tattoos as he is. His father, David Beckham had a whopping 44 tattoos as of 2015. It is rumored that he has spent $58,000 on tattoos alone, according to The Mirror. Brooklyn is well on his way to being just as inked as his father, but his heart will always belong to his Mum.

If the shoulder tattoo alone is proof enough for you, there's a second tribute to his fashionable mom on his body as well. Brooklyn has the phrase "mama's boy" tattooed over his heart as well. So if there was any questioning who the number one woman in his life is, that should clear it up.

It's only a matter of time before more ink pops up on the hopeful-photographers body as the years go on. Because there's a good chance that he isn't stopping any time soon. It's nice to see that his family approves of his creativity, too.