BTS Just Earned A Major Billboard Honor & Fans On Twitter Are So Thrilled

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

2017 has been a major breakout year for the band BTS. On Monday, Dec. 11, BTS was named a Billboard Top 10 artist in the charts' year-end list for 2017 and the band's fans are truly overjoyed. The K-pop band was ranked as the No. 10 artist of the year, behind Ed Sheeran (the top artist), Bruno Mars, and Drake. Billboard also ranked BTS as the No. 2 artist in the Top Artist - Duo/Group category, right below The Chainsmokers (the top group). The popstar band was the top No. 1 artist on the Social 50 year-end chart, beating out Ariana Grane (at No. 2), Justin Bieber (at No. 3), and Shawn Mendes (at No. 4). BTS also ranked as No. 32 in the Independent Albums category.

It's a huge accomplishment for BTS, who recently made K-pop history as the first band in the genre to earn a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 list. The South Korean band's hit single "MIC Drop" debuted on the Hot 100 list at No. 28 last week. BTS also dazzled viewers of the American Music Awards with a show-stopping performance of the song in American live-performance debut on Nov. 19 and they performed "MIC Drop" on the popular Ellen DeGeneres Show on Nov. 27. But the pop stars made a splash earlier this year as well — in May, BTS won Top Social Star at the Billboard Music Awards thanks to the support of their passionate fans, known as the BTS Army. On Dec. 7, Billboard named BTS the most tweeted about artist in 2017.

So what does the BTS Army think of their favorite band's latest honor? The joy is being expressed all over Twitter.

There's A Lot Of Pride

Fans took to Twitter to show how proud they were of the band for their latest big achievement in the music industry. After all, BTS is in some really good company on those year-end charts.

There's A Lot Of Smiling

I mean, there's a lot to smile about for the BTS Army. The band has truly become a breakout hit in the United States.

There's A Lot Of Love

Lots of adoring heart and kiss emojis from the BTS Army with love for their favorite band.

There Are A Lot Of Emotions

Wouldn't you too be overcome with emotion as your favorite band makes history and becomes one of the Top 10 bands of the year? It's a lot to handle as a longtime fan of the band.

There Are A Lot Of Congrats

Of course, congratulations are in order for the South Korean pop band, who are having a really phenomenal year for all the recognition they have earned.

There Are Many Declarations Of "Kings"

Many fans in the BTS Army have declared the band their "kings" and called them "legends" in response to the news. Right now, the band may just be the kings of the K-pop genre.

There Are A Lot Of Different Forms Of Expression

Everyone experiences and manifests joy in different ways — no judgment here. You should definitely follow your happiness and express it however you want — and with whichever GIF you want.

There Are Wishes For 2018

Now that BTS has conquered 2017, the BTS Army is looking forward to seeing what the band can accomplish in 2018. Billboard Music Awards? A performance at the Grammys? A No. 1 single on the Billboard charts? The possibilities for the band are endless in a brand new year.

The BTS Army clearly has lots of love and support for their favorite band and the joy is quite infectious. At this rate, 2018 could be another major banner year for the band all over the world.