Busy Philipps Will Tell Your Friends To "Stay The F*ck Home" On Cameo For $100

Sarah Morris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Everyone might be social distancing at the moment, but there's still a chance for people to hang out with their favorite celebrities. On Monday, March 16, Busy Philipps and Mandy Moore announced they're joining Cameo to raise money for charity as concerns over the coronavirus continue to spread. The pair shared the news on Instagram, where they noted that all of the proceeds they make will be donated to No Kid Hungry and World Central Kitchen.

"Guys. I joined Cameo so I can tell your friends and family to stay the f*ck home," Philipps wrote on Instagram. She also shared a video on her social media page, where she explained that "ALL THE MONEY made" will be donated to those two organizations, who are working to provide meals to people in need, after schools and restaurants have closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (the disease caused by the novel coronavirus).

Fans can donate $100 to Philipps' Cameo page in order to get a personalized video for their friends and family who might need a sternly-worded reminder about social distancing — although in the comments, the actor also noted that anyone who just needs "a pick-me-up" message can also request one. "I'm happy to do it, I joined Cameo," Philipps said in the video, before encouraging her Instagram followers to donate. "Let's raise some money for charity."

Inspired by Philipps' decision, Moore posted her own Cameo announcement on Instagram an hour later. (She also promoted her This Is Us costar, Chris Sullivan's Cameo page, as he also pledged to donate any money raised to charity.) "[I'm] taking a cue from my buds [Philipps] and [Sullivan] and I have joined Cameo with ALL proceeds going to @nokidhungry," Moore wrote on Instagram, explaining that she is "trying to stay productive and creative and feel helpful during what seems like a helpless moment for us all."

By joining Cameo, Moore wrote that she is "excited to make some videos for all of you AND help an organization on the ground doing some truly vital work during this time." In the video accompanying her post, Moore promised fans that, to help No Kid Hungry, "I'll do whatever you guys want me to do!" And she means it — in one of the videos posted on her Cameo page, Moore shared some behind-the-scenes scoop about filming the "Cry" music video back in 2001, for a fan who loves A Walk to Remember.

Moore's decision to join Cameo comes after the singer and actor was forced to postpone her first tour in more than a decade — and the release of her new album, Silver Landings — in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. "I'm really proud to be making music again on my own terms and I'm excited about the future," Moore told USA Today in early March. "And I'm really looking forward to keeping this momentum going. I don't want to have another 10, 11-year lapse in between albums." Fans may have to wait a little bit longer to see Moore onstage, but at least they can connect with her — and Philipps and Sullivan — on Cameo, all for a good cause.

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