You Guys, Busy Philipps Is Getting Her Own Talk Show

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You guys, the queen of Instagram Stories is getting her own talk show. On Tuesday, May 1, The Cut reported that Busy Philipps will host an E! late-night talk show series. According to a press release, the working title for the I Feel Pretty star's talk show is Busy Tonight. Well, that sure is a perfect working title that would also make for a perfect official title. Busy Tonight is one of the six new series that are slated to premiere on the channel later on this year. What will Philipps's forthcoming talk show entail, you wonder?

Take it away, E! press release:

“Hosted by actress Busy Philipps, Busy Tonight features comedic commentary, interviews, and segments that go behind her most popular Instagram stories. Unfiltered, in-the-know and always entertaining, Busy will give us her unique and hilarious point of view on literally everything. Executive Producers for Busy Tonight are Busy Philipps, Julie Darmody and Eric Gurian for Little Stranger.”

After the Busy Tonight news broke, Philipps grabbed her phone and — what else? — looked into her front-facing camera and created some fresh Instagram content. She said in her Instagram Stories,

“Guys, do you know that saying that the only things worth doing are the things that scare you the most? Ignore my bags under my eyes. I’ll get them fixed when I’m a big talk show host. Anyway, I’m super excited about this. I can’t even, it’s going to be dope. Let’s have a late-night talk show, guys. Let’s just, like, hang out and talk about stuff. Interview people. I mean, the good news is, I love to talk. This guy is just driving by and is like, Why is this girl talking to her phone? Just wait, sir. Just wait. Anyway, to everybody to leaving really sweet messages, thank you so much. And tell me what you want to see. We’re open. Open for business. And also suggestions. And now, I’m just going to leave you because I’ve got to finish the last chapter of my book, because now this guy is looking at me. Again, sir, it'll all become clear in a few months.”

Yes, Philipps has a book coming out this year, too. The actor/author/Instagram Stories artiste/late-night talk show host is basically wearing more hats than an ice rink after a hockey player scores three goals in one game, and we are all the more lucky for it.

Philipps taking on the role of late-night talk show personality feels so, so right. Who among us wouldn't want to watch a television program hosted by the same person who got locked out of her house after the Golden Globes in 2017 and documented the whole debacle on Instagram Stories? Whether she's playing a fictional character in a scripted TV show, telling her cell phone’s camera about some raccoons copulating out on her deck, or reacting to a certain envelope mixup whilst seated in the front row at the Oscars, the Freaks and Geeks star is a dang delight, and a talk show seems like the perfect platform for her brand of candor.

The only foreseeable issue? Each and every Busy Tonight guest will probably want to be Philipps's best friend. As Michelle Williams said in The Cut’s recent profile of her dear pal,

“She has this amazing quality: People just fall in love with her. Like, you spend ten minutes with her, and people are like, She’s incredible.”

Heck, you spend two minutes watching her Instagram Stories, and you're like, She's incredible.

And when Busy Tonight heads to E! later on this year, the show is bound to be incredible, too.