What Caila Quinn Thinks About Being Named "Most Likely To Be In A Shampoo Commercial"

Austin Courrege/Bustle, Getty Images

Bustle takes the Bachelor franchise pretty seriously. That’s why we created the Bachelor Nation Class of 2018 — like high school superlatives, but Bachelor edition. Check out what Caila from Ben Higgins' Bachelor season had to say about being awarded "Most Likely To Be In A Shampoo Commercial."

Have you ever wanted to see a Disney princess come to life? Well, you can, thanks to Bachelor star Caila Quinn and her gorgeous hair. Her brunette locks first captured viewers' attention back on Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor, and later managed to stay absolutely flawless despite the Mexico humidity on Bachelor in Paradise Season 3. So, who better to win Bustle's "Most Likely To Be In A Shampoo Commercial" superlative for the Bachelor Nation Class of 2018 than Caila?

Caila had everyone on and off the show talking about her hair when she showed up in Paradise. Jared Haibon gushed that she had "unbelievable hair," while Nick Viall got a tad more descriptive. "She has fantastic hair!" Nick proclaimed. "Like, I just want to ask if I can wash and shampoo her hair." (Hopefully, he never did ask that.)

In typical Caila fashion, she accepted her superlative with a totally sweet speech:

"Such an honor! Curling my hair at this moment to celebrate. Couldn’t have done it without my 1 1/4 inch curling iron — that proves length does matter. And... I’d like to thank The Bachelor interns for always making sure there was a fan to blow wind in my hair on the show!"

Fan or no fan, humidity or no humidity, Caila's hair always looks great. I can confirm this personally because she once visited the Bustle office in a downpour and her hair looked as fantastic as ever.

If you want to steal Caila's shampoo-worthy locks for yourself, you're in luck. She spilled all her hair secrets on her blog so you can follow along with her hair curling tutorial. "My hair represents who I am. And I am proud of my curls," she wrote. So are we!