Camila Cabello's Comment About Blue Ivy's Grammys "Shade" Is Heartbreakingly Adorable

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On Grammys night, you likely saw the moment that had everyone talking: Blue Ivy shushing her parents while pop star Camila Cabello gave a speech onstage. It became one of the most Tweeted about moments of the 2018 award season, but the singer had a much different response. Camila Cabello responded to Blue Ivy Carter shushing Beyonce and JAY-Z at the 2018 Grammys, and as the singer told BBC Radio 1, the incident put her way up in her head. Luckily for Cabello, she says she didn't witness the moment from the stage, or it would've completely thrown her off. But watching the footage after the fact, the "Havana" singer says she was as unsure as everyone else as to whether the eldest Carter child was throwing support or shade. And in the absence of more information, Cabello said the moment triggered some major insecurities for her.

Radio presenter Nick Grimshaw broached the topic of The Shush Heard Round the World with the 20-year-old during her Feb. 19 interview to get her take on it. But almost before he'd finished describing it, Cabello threw the topic back at him. "What do you think that means?" she asked the radio presenter, who was forced to admit he didn't know. "I had a moment of insecurity," the former Fifth Harmony member acknowledged. "I surprised myself. I was like, 'What does that mean?' I was like, 'I'm not going into this wormhole.'" But then she threw it back at Grimshaw again, asking him directly, "Do you think that she didn't like my speech, or like, what do you think?"

It's certainly a valid question, given the video that Cabello and the rest of the world were presented with. There's Blue Ivy, sitting between Beyonce and JAY-Z, who are appreciatively applauding Cabello's speech supporting the Dreamers, along with many other Grammys attendees. Then, the 6-year-old quite clearly tries to stop her superstar parents from clapping, shushing each of them in turn as they look on, bemused.

That much is clear. What's less clear is why. Many at the time speculated that Blue Ivy was a fan of Fifth Harmony, and resented Cabello for leaving the group.

But still others had exactly the opposite take on the situation, and wondered whether the child was actually quieting the adults so she could hear Cabello's speech.

And that's the narrative that Grimshaw sides with. "I think she was over the applause interrupting your speech," he told Cabello. "I think she was saying to Beyonce and JAY-Z, to her mum and dad — 'she's not finished, she's still talking.' Like, 'Be cool, be cool.'"

It's certainly the more appealing version of events from Cabello's point of view, because it doesn't involve her being possibly shaded by the world's most famous child.

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Luckily, from the sound of it, the young singer is brushing it off. Cabello's relieved that she didn't notice the incident in the moment, telling Grimshaw, "Thank god that I didn't look down at the crowd while that was happening," and overall, she thinks Blue Ivy would like her. But at the end of the day, she vows, "I'm not gonna think about it."

Presenting at the Grammys is already hard enough, as is sticking out your neck to make a political statement about the young people in the U.S. who are seeking citizenship through DACA after being brought here as young kids. To add on top of that interpreting the (adorable) behavior of a 6-year-old she's never met pushes the situation to a whole 'nother level. When you're onstage, you just can't think about the opinions of others, even when the other in question is the iconic Blue Ivy Carter.