Camila Mendes’ Ideal ‘Riverdale’ Quarantine Partner Is So Veronica Lodge

by Jessica Wang
Camila Mendes On Which ‘Riverdale’ Character She Wants To Quarantine With
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If Riverdale actually took place in the real world, Archie and co. would be solving local murders, unraveling major conspiracies, and hooking up wearing face masks, and from six feet apart. Thankfully, the world of the dark teen drama is currently COVID-19-free, but that hasn't stopped Riverdale’s Camila Mendes from picking a character she'd want to be quarantined with during these unprecedented times. Amid the pandemic, Mendes sat down to virtual chat with Bustle about her new Netflix film, Dangerous Lies, and, in true Veronica Lodge form, explained why she’d want to be in quarantine with Archie Andrews (KJ Apa).

“That’s a tough question because you really want someone who’s gonna be a provider and help you through it, but you also want someone who’s good to be around,” Mendes says. “I would say Archie, actually. Because Archie seems like… good company, a fun guy to be around, sweet, [and] also I feel like he can do a lot of things. He can build things and fix things and cook and he plays music.” She continues, “We could jam together, we could workout together. He has a lot of skills. He’d keep me good company.” Points were made.

That said, Mendes doesn't need Archie around to "jam." The Riverdale actor recently shared a stripped-down cover of Mac Miller’s “Circles” on Instagram. She captioned the clip, “this is the first verse but i included lyrics from the second because they eerily resonate with the emotional state of the world right now.”

She's also been sharing quarantine photos with her furry companion, Truffle. "my cuddly lil quarantine companion. don’t know what i’d do without her," she captioned an Instagram post in March. "pls consider fostering a furry friend with all this time you’re spending at home!"

Between her covers on Instagram and time with Truffle, Mendes also has an extensive quarantine queue. She's been streaming comedies like BoJack Horseman, Broad City, and Middleditch & Schwartz. “I’ve just been watching a lot of comedies, things that feel lighter than the times," she tells Bustle.

One title that isn’t particularly light is Dangerous Lies: Mendes stars as Katie, a caregiver who is drawn into an elaborate web of lies and murder after her wealthy elderly patient dies and leaves her his entire estate. Like a cross between Riverdale and Rian Johnson’s Knives Out, Dangerous Lies also stars Jessie T. Usher, Cam Gigandet, Jamie Chung, Sasha Alexander, and Elliott Gould. And, yes, it's probably a great quarantine watch, too.

Dangerous Lies is available to stream on Netflix now.

Additional reporting by Samantha Leach.

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