Kat Von D's New Gold Makeup Brushes Are SO Luxe

Kat Von D/ Instagram

A brand's ten year anniversary is kind of a big deal, and Kat Von D Beauty has achieved the feat. Created by tattoo artist Kat Von D, the brand has become a major player in the beauty world. Now, the Kat Von D Tenth Anniversary Collection is on its way, and the products certainly won't let fans down. One part of the collection that may make Von D lovers' hearts beat a bit faster? The ultra-luxe vegan brush set.

If you're not a die-hard Kat Von D fan but do love some of their products (like the iconic Shade & Light palettes), you may not have heard that a full-blown collection is coming from the brand on Cinco de Mayo (May 5) in honor of Von D's hispanic heritage. This collection is nothing to pass by, either. It's completely gilded and comes in its own limited edition train case designed by none other than Von D herself.

In the collection, fans will find an eyeshadow palette, a gilded Tattoo Liner, an Everlasting Glimmer Veil, MetalCrush Highlighter, and a Studded Kiss Lipstick alongside the traincase. Also included, though? The 5-piece gold brush set that looks absolutely drool worthy on the Kat Von D Beauty Instagram account.

Will you be able to buy each brush seperately, though? If you were hoping to snag only one of the five-pieces, you're out of luck, but there's a very good reason why. According to an Instagram post featuring the gorgeously golden, vegan tools, the bundle of five is coming at a discount for Von D fans, and it's something she insisted on herself. In the post, she explains that she wanted to give people the best discount possible, and the only way to do so was the keep the brushes bundled instead of sold separately.

As for the price, things seem to be a bit mysterious. Nothing on the Kat Von D Instagam account has hinted at what the bundle will retail for. While beauty Instagram account TrendMood has given prices for other parts of the collection, so far, nothing has been revealed in terms of what you can expect to pay for the bundle. Thankfully, though, Von D has already said that they'll come at a discount in honor of the anniversary.

As for what's in the brush collection, it's all about the complexion. Von D revealed that there will be a concealer, foundation, setting powder, contour, and highlight brush. Another little tidbit that Von D let fly? Those handles aren't plastic like many brushes. No way. These beauties are super luxe and feature all metal handles. Metal handles, a gilded appearance, cruelty-free, and vegan? Yeah, these beauties are basically perfect.

If you want to shop, make sure you remember that you can officially get the collection, whether you want the entire train cause filled to the brim with golden Von D crafted goodies or just the brush set, on May 5. As for what time, there's been no word, but it's likely that they'll drop at midnight ET like other high-end brands such as Fenty Beauty.

While the price is unclear, the one thing that's not up in the air is how incredible these brushes seem to be. Von D has always been committed to cruelty-free products and these vegan brushes are no exception. If you ever tought there could be a discrepancy in quality if a brush was vegan, Von D is here to prove you wrong.

Put a reminder on your calendar and get ready to go shopping. These beauties are coming at you in only a few days.