Here's The One Thing You Need To Know Before Shopping Kylie Cosmetics' Skin Concealer

When it comes to complexion products, finding your perfect shade can be a real pain. From wrong undertones to finishes you don't like, there's a lot that can go wrong when you shop for your skin. That's why you need to know this one thing before shopping Kylie Cosmetics' Skin Concealer.

Kylie Jenner's online-only brand had a major launch of their Silver Series on Dec. 13. The brand launched three brand new products, not just new versions of existing goods. Concealers, bullet lipsticks, and a full set of brushes were all on the menu for Jenner fans. While the Silver Series Brushes may have been the talk of the internet, the bullet lipsticks were actually the first product to sell out. If fans are all about discussing if the Silver Series Brushes are worth it and mourning not snagging the lippies, what about the concealer?

That's where things get tricky. The one thing you need to know before shopping the Kylie Cosmetics Skin Concealer is that the brand does not offer returns, exchanges, or refunds. Why is that important? It means that you've got to be sure to order your correct shade the first time, or you'll need to purchase multiple concealers until you find your shade.

While some fans may have already known about the brand's return policy, it's still important to note especially since this is Kylie Cosmetics first complexion product that needs to match your skin tone — or be a shade or two light depending on what you plan to use it for. Sure, her blushes, highlighters, and bronzers also need to suit your skin, but a concealer is nearly impossible to make work if you don't have your match.

To Jenner's credit, she launched with a range of 30 concealer shades making it a more inclusive launch with more opportunities for men and women to shop her products. Plus, on the site each concealer shade has been swatched on a model. While photography and lighting can manipulate how the shades appear, it is more accurate than a sample swatch on a white background or an arm.

However, fans and curious beauty lovers are aware of the issues of buying complexion products online. Many will not be purchasing the concealer precisely because there is no way to swatch the product in person.

Other social media users have already caught on to the fact that once you purchase the Kylie Skin Concealer, if it's not your shade, you're still stuck with the product. In fact, not even an exchange is allowed per the Kylie Cosmetics website.

The combination of not being able to swatch and being unable to return is not making fans happy.

Some fans even mentioned allowing returns on the concealers only but keeping the policy in place for all other products.

As of press time, Kylie Cosmetics has had no mention of allowing such returns. If however, you live in the Los Angeles area, the Kylie Truck has been making its rounds, and the concealers are being sold in person at those pop-up events. However, that only helps few customers feel confidence purchasing a products they can't return.

Regardless of the return policy, Kylie Cosmetics' Skin Concealers will probably still be a hit. Three of the shades are currently sold out on the site which means that fans are still purchasing the brand new addition to the Kylie Cosmetics family. Ultimately, it's up to the customer whether or not to make the purchase. But understanding the return, exchange, and refund policy is important when shopping online — and Kylie Cosmetics is no exception.