Catherine's Instagram Hints She May Not Be The New 'Bachelor' "Villain" After All

Rick Rowell/ABC

Every new season of The Bachelor means a new proclaimed "villain" is sure to come out of the woodwork. So far, for Colton Underwood's season that person is Catherine Agro, who stole the Bachelor away from her fellow contestants not once, not twice, but a record-breaking total of four times during last week's premiere. But before you immediately write her off as the new baddie in town, it's worth noting that Catherine's Instagram before The Bachelor show's a different side to her that viewers have yet to really see.

As soon as she stepped out of the limo at the Bachelor mansion, Catherine wasted no time in making sure Colton would remember her among the many others vying for his heart. She even went so far as to hand over her dog, Lucy, to him so that he could watch over her throughout the season. That in itself left many fans shocked and confused — why would anyone give their dog away to a complete stranger? And what Bachelor Intern is going to have to take care of it all season? She then proceeded to steal Colton away from the other women continuously throughout the night, even after Onyeka asked her to back off a little so that others could speak to him at least once.

All of this seemed to solidify her place as the Season 23 villain, however, her Instagram account appears to tell a very different story.

She may have handed her precious pup over to Colton during the premiere as a fun gimmick, but Lucy shows up numerous times on Catherine's Instagram account. In fact, Lucy even has her own Instagram page, which includes various photos of her being all sorts of adorable. Clearly this dog means a lot to Catherine and proves that she has a much kinder side than her Bachelor edit fails to showcase.

But it's not just dogs that Catherine has a soft spot for. Her Instagram also includes a photo of her hanging out with a sloth that's clearly meant to be a nod to the Sloth Girl, who made an unforgettable (if not very brief) appearance on The Bachelor. "@ Alexdillon94 is that you?" the caption reads on Catherine's photo. So not only is she a friend to seemingly all animals, but she's also kinda funny? Who knew?!

Even when it comes to actual humans, Catherine's Instagram indicates that she has a much bigger heart than she's currently letting on during the show, especially when it comes to the people she loves. And yup, you better believe that Lucy gets to be front and center even in big family photos.

All of this isn't to excuse Catherine's actions thus far on the series — stealing Colton away four times is still a bit much. But it's important not to write her off after just one episode. There's always a chance she could end up winning us (and Colton) over in the end, particularly if we get to see more of the animal-loving, joking-making Catherine that shines through on social media.