These 'Bachelor' Fans Want To See Justice For Sloth Girl

Rick Rowell/ABC

Sloths may be known for moving very, very, very slowly, but it became abundantly clear during Monday night's premiere that Sloth Girl's elimination on The Bachelor was a total injustice. And fans had absolutely no qualms in taking to Twitter to vent their frustration. (That is what Twitter is for, after all, right?) Granted, meeting 30 women and having to choose which of them you want to keep around has to be a daunting process, but this contestant — whose real name is Alex D. — did such a great job of standing out among all the others vying for Colton Underwood's heart, it was somewhat surprising to see her heading for the door quite so soon.

Any Bachelor fan will tell you that one of the most intriguing parts about the premiere is typically when all the contestants exit the limo and make their very first impression on the person they're hoping to win over. Many times these interactions are extremely cringeworthy and embarrassing, but still highly entertaining. Dressing up as a sloth definitely falls into that category, particularly because it took her forever to get to Colton from the limo (the network even had to throw in a commercial break during the lengthy limo exit). She even talked like a sloth (aka very slowly) during their entire conversation.

But while some fans were shaking their heads at the screen during this unique intro, others couldn't help but respect her dedication to the portrayal and instantly loved her for it. Even Bachelor alums like Bekah Martinez and Alexis Waters, who became known as Shark Girl during Nick Viall's season, were big fans of the sloth.

Bekah Martinez/Instagram

And when Sloth Girl was unsuccessful in receiving a rose by night's end, fans definitely had some things to say about it and instantly started grieving her departure.

Many found to her to totally relatable and were impressed she remained in character for so long.

Not to mention, her outfit looked way more comfortable than everyone else's. So when you think about it, she may very well have been the smartest person there.

It's possible Sloth Girl made such a lasting impression that, much like Grocery Store Joe, her early elimination won't stop her from popping up in the franchise later on. As Bachelor blogger Reality Steve predicts, she could very well end up on the next season of Bachelor in Paradise.

When it comes to a show like The Bachelor, anything is possible, so despite her initial exit from the series, Sloth Girl could be back on our television screens at some point down the line. Will she continue to capitalize on the sloth persona she has developed? Potentially, but that's all part of the fun.

Colton's journey has only just begun — it's just a shame that Sloth Girl wasn't given the chance to show him more about who she is and where her interests lie outside of arboreal mammals.