Celebrate "Be Nasty Day" On March 8 With This Feminist AF Collaboration From Unbound, Nurx, And Flex


Ever since Trump's infamous comment about our favorite leading lady (I'm looking at you, Hill. We all miss you.), we've been encouraging each other to be nasty women. We're reclaiming an insult so many of us have heard before as a female empowerment message. And it turns out that March 8, in addition to being International Women's Day, is Be Nasty Day. And I'm here to tell you, it pays to be nasty.

Why? Well, some of my favorite brands have teamed up to fight some of the current risks to women's health care. Listen to this:

"Through March 31st, in order to counter the risks that the current administration is posing to access to birth control, female products and beyond, if you use the code 'NASTYWOMAN', you can get $30 in free birth control from Nurx, a month's worth of tampon alternatives by Flex (discs that you can even wear during sex!), and 20 percent off products from Unbound."

Seriously. It's music to my ears. "Be Nasty Day was actually already an existing holiday (we didn't invent it — believe it or not!) which just so happens to fall on International Women's Day — a coincidence we couldn't let pass us by," Polly Rodriguez, CEO of Unbound, tells Bustle. How perfect is that?

"I don't think it's any secret that we need to come together now, more than ever, when it comes to providing women with solutions to re-claiming ownership over their own bodies."

"As far as where we got the idea for the collaboration — I don't think it's any secret that we need to come together now, more than ever, when it comes to providing women with solutions to re-claiming ownership over their own bodies," she says. "By partnering with Flex and Nurx, we hope to showcase brands that are making strides towards offering women viable solutions when it comes to re-claiming their personal health and sexual wellness."

It's such a great idea and seeing these companies step up to the plate is really heartening. Unbound, an incredible sex toy company, already does great work by donating 6.9 percent of all profits to nonprofit organizations that support female sexual health and wellness, so it's not surprise that they've jumped right in to help women. I love their products, but some of them ain't cheap, which means a discount code is very welcome. Plus, the Flex tampon alternatives sounds absolutely amazing— and something I've been wanting to try— so I'll be over at the site ASAP.


"Each of the brands collaborating on this activation are putting the power back in women's hands — whether that's providing them with an innovative tampon alternative, free birth control, or sexual wellness products that encourage sexual exploration to help dissolve the stigmas surrounding sex," Rodriguez says. "We think that there's no better time than now to showcase companies making strides towards offering women once unattainable options and ensuring that these continue to be available, despite the current political climate."

And as if the discounts weren't enough, you could score even bigger. By entering the code, you'll automatically be enterest to win the a Nasty Woman Starter Kit Box, which contains six months of free birth control, one year's worth of Flex discs, a vibrator, and pieces from the Unbound Collection. Damn.

So if you're still feeling the nasty woman spirit and want to get some amazing discounts, head on over to Nurx, Flex, and Unbound. There's a lot on offer for women, right when we need it most.