This 'Big Little Lies' Moment May Be So Good, It'll Make Up For The 'GoT' Finale

Spoilers ahead for Big Little Lies Season 2. The Big Little Lies Season 2 finale just got even more interesting. After Celeste was interrogated in court about every aspect of her life — Perry's abuse, her sexual history, her recent dependency on Ambien — the judge was ready to present her decision about the twins' custody case. But Celeste had one more shot to fire: before all is said and done, Mary Louise will take the stand to determine her own fitness as a mother, and Celeste will be the one asking the questions.

Considering Mary Louise raised Perry, who physically abused Celeste and sexually assaulted her friend, you can bet that Celeste will have a lot to say. And based on Twitter, Big Little Lies fans are ready for the showdown of the century: two A-list actors facing off against one another in what will likely be a tour de force performance. "It's fireworks. It's an amazing scene and of course, it's what everyone wants to see: Meryl Streep on the stand being cross-examined by Nicole Kidman," Denis O'Hare, who plays Mary Louise's lawyer Ira Farber, teased to The Hollywood Reporter.

Whether you think Mary Louise or Celeste will be the victor in this courtroom battle, judging by these tweets, O'Hare couldn't be more right.

Fans Are Still Shook

This was the moment viewers' jaws collective dropped to the floor.

...But Also Excited

She resorted to violence and already slapped Mary Louise, but now it's time for Celeste to take her mother-in-law down with her words.

They Referenced Another Famous Streep Character

While most people are rooting for Celeste, you gotta admit that Mary Louise has been a passive-aggressive boss throughout the season (remember the necklace?!). When she takes the stand in the finale, expect to see the icy confidence of Streep's The Devil Wears Prada character Miranda Priestly.

More Than Once

If the cardigan fits...

And One Of Reese Witherspoon's, Too

It's great and all that Celeste is a lawyer, but with Reese Witherspoon sitting in the courtroom, people wish Legally Blonde's Elle Woods would step in.

But The Sides Are Clear

Justice for Celeste!!

Everyone Thinks It's Time Mary Louise Is Exposed

Her Monterey reign of terror needs to come to a close.

Some Viewers Think Things Could...Escalate

Will we get a repeat of the Season 1 finale, just with a different Wright?

And, In Fact, Are Hoping For It

Did we mention people hate Mary Louise?

Others Think This Is All Part Of Mary Louise's Plan

Mary Louise is skilled at inciting angry reactions from people, so she could win this battle. And on top of that, Mary Louise could end up exposing the Monterey Five's lie about Perry's death, which seems to be her main intention.

Whatever The Case, It'll Be Be Good

HBO could be trying to make up for the disappointment that was the Game of Thrones series finale, with some fans even comparing the Big Little Lies finale to Cleganebowl.

After watching Mary Louise antagonize the Monterey Five all season, fans are more ready than ever to see her get taken down, and Celeste seems like the perfect person for the job. But whether or not things go her way in court, at least Big Little Lies is giving us an acting showdown for the ages.