Cersei Has A New Target In 'GOT' Season 7

There is something beautiful about watching an actor relish in their character's bad behavior. In a new interview with Net a Porter, Lena Headey revealed to her co-star and interviewer, Maisie Williams, that her favorite Game of Thrones moment was Cersei blowing up the Great Sept of Baelor. Seeing her character wipe out not only her enemies, but any unfortunate souls standing nearby didn't make her think less of the Lannister Queen. It made her love her more. And it seems Season 7 is only going to intensify Cersei's need for control as she targets an unexpected character.

In the interview, Headey explained to Williams,

"Whatever was good [in her life] has been erased and she's a horrible cow to one particular character… It's really quite loathsome."

With so few people left in Cersei's orbit, the mystery character destined to face her wrath seems most likely to be her brother, Jaime. There's also the shame nun, who is still presumably locked in the dungeons of The Red Keep, but given her own misdeeds, surely fans would have a hard time working up much sympathy for her. No, it seems far more likely that the last person who is truly loyal to the newly minted Queen will be the one she takes for granted, and that may ultimately be her undoing.

True spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7 have been few and far between, but one thing is certain, Euron Greyjoy is seeking to align himself with Cersei. With no one left to challenge her power — aside from Daenerys, who will be arrriving in Westeros soon — Cersei could finally be with Jaime publicly. Who would dare stop her at this point? But all signs point to her choosing Euron to sit beside her, while Jaime is once again tasked with guarding a potentially mad monarch. Only this time, he's in love with the person sitting on the Iron Throne.

If Cersei spends most of the season taking Jaime's loyalty for granted and treating him abhorrently, then he may turn on his sister. Given how close the twins have always been, seeing Cersei follow the Mad King's path may be too much for Jaime to take. That's not to say he's going to fulfill the prophecy of the valonqar, but he may make an ill-fated attempt to save Cersei from herself — and that's something she's unlikely to have any patience for.

Power is power as far as she's concerned. And if her brother doesn't fall in line, she may dispatch him, just as she did with Margaery and the High Sparrow. Having Euron whispering in her ear is only going to make things more complicated for the Lannister twins.

Even if the target of Cersei's "loathsome" actions isn't Jaime, Season 7 is only going to intensify the character's ruthlessness. And it sounds like Headey is more than ready to meet the challenge.