Chance The Rapper’s New Album Has So Many Adoring Songs About His Wife

by Parry Ernsberger
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Despite the fact that Chance the Rapper's new album is stacked with a whopping 22 tracks — 19 songs and three skits — there's one theme, in particular, that quickly becomes apparent and pervades the entire project: His wife, Kirsten Corley, whom he first met when he was 9. Chance the Rapper's Big Day lyrics about his wife are a true testament to their longtime love, and prove that she's truly the queen of his world.

Corley is a constant presence on Big Day. There are few, if any, songs on the album that don't at least reference her briefly. Chance waxes poetic about both the highs and lows of their decade-spanning relationship, but there are three specific tracks that really put his love for her in the spotlight.

First, there's the album's eponymous track, "The Big Day," which is very clearly all about their wedding. Corley and Chance got married among family and friends back in March of this year, but by the way the song goes, you'd think he and his bride were the only two people in the room. "I can't believe it," the intro — sung by Francis and the Lights — opens the ninth track. "Must be the luckiest guy alive / Somehow, I'm right / But we're only gonna survive if we go crazy / Yeah the only way to survive is to go."

The song itself is mostly comprised of Chance's repeated chorus and some instrumental breaks. The frequent repetition of the chorus, however, puts an unavoidable emphasis on the words he's singing.

"Oh my God, think it's the greatest day of my life / So glad you arrived / But the only way to survive is to go crazy / Yeah, the only way to survive is to go crazy."

Next up, "Get A Bag," a bright and bouncy track that makes it abundantly clear that whatever his wife wants, his wife gets. "Tellin' you now / now you're my only one," a sample in the intro loops until Chance drops in.

Again, as in "The Big Day," the repetition is here is key. "You want a bag / you get a bag," he sings over and over in the chorus. Got that? Good.

The first verse essentially jokes about his girl wanting a "Big ol' Birkin bag she could lean on like a crutch." He then kids about other ways the couple can go about obtaining the back, but eventually suggests that he'll just foot the bill.

Last, but certainly not least, is "Found A Good One (Single No More)," a title that speaks for itself. The whole song makes very, very clear that — sorry, ladies — Chance the Rapper most definitely isn't single. He's taken, and he wants everyone to know. "I done messed around and found a good one/ Made just for me, yeah, made just for me," he recites twice at the end of the chorus.

The first verse is pretty much one long, extended compliment aimed at Corley. Chance says things like, she "Give me kisses in her spare time / And she's very mine/ With her hair up in a bun, she surprise me with the lunch."

Then, towards the end, he explains that he sees her — like, *really* sees her, and that they're going to be together for years to come. "20, 20, 20, 20 vision, I see you / 2020 I'ma try and be around you / This sh*t is exactly what our twenties for / Let's keep goin' we got plenty more."

You swooning out there yet? Well, the three songs discussed above — "The Big Day," "Got A Bag," and "Found A Good One (Single No More)" — were just a small sampling of all the ways Chance shouts out his wife on The Big Day. Since Corley is undoubtedly a major inspiration for the Grammy-winning rapper, she deserves some praise for this album, too. Although, it's not like she needs it — Chance definitely has things covered in the praise department.