Chris Harrison Talked About Colton’s Virginity Yet Again — And Can We Please Not?

Jesse Grant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Colton Underwood's Bachelor season hasn't started yet, but it's easy to guess what's going to be a main point of discussion. In a new interview, Chris Harrison talked about Colton's virginity — again — and at this point, it's honestly just frustrating. It also seems to be a major foreshadow of what's to come this season.

"I can still tell you that the V-card is still intact," Harrison told Extra on Tuesday. "Will it be in the next couple weeks? I don't know. I think it's gonna be put to the test." To be fair, Harrison's remarks came after the Extra host asked Harrison if the next Bachelor season has filmed the Fantasy Suite dates yet. But it's still awkward to hear even more discussion of Colton's virginity status from someone other than the Bachelor himself.

Harrison also told Extra that the upcoming season will address the fact that Colton's virginity has become a "cocktail joke" on the show. The Bachelor host also teased they will address "why he's chosen to be who he is," in terms of Colton's virginity. Harrison explained that he "thought it was just religion," but Colton's reasons for remaining a virgin aren't just because of his upbringing. Harrison teased Colton's experience in "prior relationships" as a factor, too.

That's all well and good, but it's still odd to hear someone who isn't Colton talking about a topic that's so personal for the former pro football player. It's no surprise that conversations about Colton's past relationships will come into play this season. But that's true of any Bachelor or Bachelorette, regardless of whether they're virgins or not. And it's even weirder that these statements are coming from Harrison, when fans will be hearing those details from Colton himself soon enough anyway.

Harrison's comments are foreshadowing the season's Fantasy Suite episodes, and it makes sense for the host to tease what's to come in order to pique fans' interest. Still, there are plenty of other reasons Colton is an interesting Bachelor (like the fact that he doesn't wear underwear, for one thing). And there are tons of other things to talk about, like Colton's football past and his charity work, that have nothing to do with his virginity.

Fans will recall that former Bachelor contestant Ashley Iaconetti was also a virgin when she appeared on the show. Ashley I. addressed Colton's virginity, too, suggesting in a July interview with Access Live that it was being over-emphasized on the series. "What I am really tired of is the show making [Colton's virginity] seem like such a big deal, such a big reveal," Ashley said at the time. "Like it's even something that we have to talk about at this point in a relationship."

Even if Ashley and Colton did talk about their sexual past with other people on the show, that doesn't give fans (or Harrison, really) free rein to talk about it. And it's disappointing to see how popular this topic already is before Colton's season has even aired, especially since the Bachelor franchise has been more progressive as of late. It's really no one else's business who Bachelor Nation members choose to sleep with — or not sleep with.