Chris & Krystal's Latest Comments About Marriage Show Just How Serious The 'BiP' Couple Is

ABC/Paul Hebert

When Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson first got together on Bachelor in Paradise, fans were skeptical as to whether or not they'd actually last. The now-engaged pair proved their skeptics wrong during the finale, and Chris & Krystal's latest comments on marriage suggest they're only continuing to do so as time goes on. So, to any BiP viewers who aren't quite convinced the Paradise-made couple is as serious as ever about commitment, and to the future of their relationship: It might be time to let go of the apprehension.

During a joint conversation with E! News, published Wednesday, the pair explained that they're not totally settled on the details of their wedding plans just yet. But Chris told the outlet that's no measure of whether or not they'll actually tie the knot. He said,

"We're 100 percent getting married, and we're 100 percent making it happen. I think as time goes on, we will have a better understanding of when and where that can take place."

Audiences who followed Chris and Krystal's relationship on Bachelor in Paradise know the pair hasn't been engaged for that long. Still, ever since Bachelor Nation watched Chris get down on one knee during BiP's finale (which aired a little more than a week ago, but was filmed earlier in the summer), fans have been wondering about the "where" in particular. And many have been hoping their wedding might eventually take place along the beaches of Paradise. When E! asked the couple, Krystal said it's definitely not a "no," as long as there aren't any potential stressors involved.

Paul Hebert/ABC

"We just care about wine, food and music," Krystal said, adding that she and her beau don't want to get too hung up on the often enormously stressful details that tend to accompany wedding planning. "I see so many of my friends who get married, and they're so stressed out as brides and they don't get to enjoy it," she continued, though Krystal made it clear that an anxiety-inducing wedding "certainly [is] not our plan."

And, as far as a televised ceremony? "We're not opposed to it," Krystal told E! News. That said, she reportedly continued on to say that, if the possibility of a TV wedding was actually on the table, she and Chris would decide what to do "as a team." And even if they don't end up making those arrangements with ABC, Krystal noted jokingly (well, hopefully she wasn't being totally facetious) fans will at least be able to witness their matrimonial proceedings via social media. "My life is shared publicly so [it's] definitely going to be on the Instagram Stories," she said.

At this point, the question of when Chris and Krystal will actually get married remains about as undecided as the question of where. But again, that makes sense, since the two have only been engaged for a couple of months and are currently in the process of moving in together. Plus, if the couple's relationship thus far is any indication, it seems safe to say their marriage plans (even if they are a little fuzzy right now) are ones both parties take very seriously. That makes sense too, since Chris and Krystal have been pretty serious about their relationship — and commitment to each other — for a while now.

If that wasn't clear before the BiP finale, Chris set the record straight when he proposed to Krystal during the last episode. "Honestly Krystal, you've changed my life," he told her in the moments leading up to his actual proposal. Continuing, he said, "You've changed me. You've helped me become a better version of myself." And, after watching Chris tear up during the BiP reunion simply because he was so happy to be with Krystal, it seems like she's still doing it.

So, whether or not Chris and Krystal say "I do" on the Paradise set, here's wishing the obviously already happy couple an even happier future.