What Chrissy Teigen Said About John Legend's Parenting Is Actually Super Relatable

by Nicole Pomarico
Presley Ann/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

From what fans see on social media, it looks like Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are nailing the parenting thing, especially now that they have a toddler and a baby. And now, Luna and Miles' mom is opening up about what her husband is really like as a father. According to People, during her BUILD series interview on Wednesday, Teigen said Legend is the pushover parent in their family, but don't worry — she also mentioned what he's good at as a dad, too.

Between the way Legend has talked about his kids in interviews and the posts he makes about them on Instagram, it's clear that he adores Luna and Miles, but apparently, he loves them so much that sometimes he lets Luna get away with things she shouldn't.

“He will say no and then if [Luna] asks one more time, it’s a yes,” Teigen said. "He’s a bit of a pushover with Luna. I think it’s because they look so much alike and he’s like, ‘Okay, you beautiful being. Anything you want.' He needs to learn to say no because I’m the tough guy. It’s always a thing in any household, there’s always one.”

And to be totally fair, it's true — Luna does look a lot like Legend, and it has to be hard to say no to this adorable face:

Even if you don't have children of your own yet, most of us who grew up in two parent households can attest to the fact that there's definitely one parent who says yes to things a lot more than the other. It looks like so far, Legend has fallen into that role, so it's probably safe to say that when Luna gets older, he'll be the one she asks to do everything she knows Mom will say no to.

But just because he's a bit of a pushover doesn't mean that Legend isn't an awesome dad. In fact, during the interview, Teigen shared plenty of the things he's doing well at in the parenting department, too. She described him as an "insanely patient" dad who's still good at changing diapers (a skill that has to be pretty in demand in their house these days) and said that no matter what, he always puts his kids first.

Teigen said:

“He gives them so much attention no matter what’s going on in his life or my life or work-wise. They never feel like they’re like second to work and I think he’s really great with that.”

Considering the fact that Legend has managed to score an EGOT this year and is still making tons of time for Luna and Miles, that's pretty impressive. Not that anyone should have ever expected anything less; Teigen and Legend have always been clear that they make their little ones a priority.

As Luna and Miles get older, it'll be interesting to see how Teigen and Legend grow and change as parents — and hopefully, they'll keep taking fans along for the ride.