This Photo Of Chrissy Teigen's Thanksgiving Pie Fail Is TOO Relatable

Presley Ann/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If your turkey comes out too dry this Thanksgiving, or your first attempt at a pecan pie leaves much to be desired, just remember that you're not alone. Cookbook author and social media superstar Chrissy Teigen shared her Thanksgiving cooking fail on Instagram, proving that even professionals have kitchen disasters every now and then. On Wednesday, Nov. 21, Teigen shared her pie-making progress via her Instagram Stories, but the end result didn't appear until later. It seems her pie spent too long in the oven and got a little... ugh, crispy.

Teigen shared a photo of the sad, burnt pie on her feed with this hilarious caption:

"in case you are wondering why I didn't put my finished pie on my instastory"

All pies are beautiful, but it definitely looks like this one is having some charcoal issues. The fact that Teigen shared the photo is sure to make her fans love her even more. She's never been the kind of celebrity to just present a picture-perfect view of her life on social media. She happily shares her messes, mistakes, and all of the other little reminders that she, husband John Legend, and their kids are just like everyone else. (Although, they're admittedly cooler — Luna's basically already a pop star.)

Pie: 1, Teigen: well, still way ahead, because she also cooked at least three different types of meat, gravy, and cranberry sauce. Through her Instagram Stories, the Cravings author took fans through every step of the pie-making process, from pouring in the pumpkin mix (at least, it looks like pumpkin) to lovingly layering the crumble. Despite all of this, the pie clearly had its own plans, and those involved burning to a crisp.

In true chef fashion, Teigen didn't let one pie fail stop her. Instead, she started over, and shared an image of her second try going into the oven. There's no word yet on how it came out, but given her kitchen skills, the second pie was probably the charm.

While Teigen and her husband, Legend, generally like to cook together, it seems that she's flying solo this year, because the singer is performing at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. A fact that she pointed out in the most hilarious manner possible on Twitter. In response to Legend sharing a tweet from Macy's, she wrote:


And hey, with two kids under the age of five, family and friends, and who knows what else going on, is it any wonder one pie fell victim to spending too much time in the oven? Basically, Teigen is cooking a feast, hosting, being a mom, and sharing relatable stories on social media all at the same time — she's clearly the Thanksgiving queen, burnt pie and all.

Just know that if every part of your Thanksgiving dinner doesn't come out picture perfect this year, you're not alone. Even a total cooking pro like Tiegen has kitchen mishaps, so just channel the Cravings author, take a deep breath, and try again. Because that's definitely what Teigen would do.