Chrissy Teigen Made A Groan-Worthy Joke On Twitter & Her Followers Had The BEST Responses

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Leave it to Chrissy Teigen to get the "weeknd" off to a fun start. On Feb. 16, Chrissy Teigen had a The Weeknd joke about the "long weeknd", in advance of the President's Day holiday on Feb. 19. However, it wasn't your typical TGIF moment. Instead, it was some classic Teigen humor that her fans have come to know and follow her on Twitter for.

The model posted a tweet that contained screenshots of text convos with her friends. Teigen had sent her them all stretched-out images of the singer The Weeknd, the R&B singer, who previously dated Selena Gomez. In other words, they were sent pictures of an elongated The Weeknd... a.k.a. a "long weeknd," so to speak. Yeah, this is may be totally corny, but she gets away with it and manages to be so deprecating with her joke that it still lands.

The Lip Sync Battle (associate producer: Jennifer Fink) co-host asked all of her friends if they were "ready" for the holiday weekend. Yet, as of right now, she had yet to receive a reply back from any of her friends. Seriously, guys? The joke's more than a little corny, but that just adds to the charm.

While Teigen may be the queen of social media jokes, she actually wasn't the first person to start this particular pun. In her tweet, she tagged Twitter user Dan Mentos. Mentos originally made the "long weeknd" joke in 2016 when he posted the photo that Teigen used and asked his followers, "who's ready for the long weeknd?"

Mentos was still into Teigen's joke usage and backed her up after her friends seemingly ignored the texts. He replied back to the model with, "I guess they weren't ready." And, you know what, he's probably right. That's basically the only explanation at this point in this long weeknd saga, but we're sure Teigen will keep her followers posted on it.

Many of Teigen's followers backed her up here, too. Unlike her friends, they were super here for the joke. And some of them even had some hilarious quips of their own.

An A+ Tweet

One user got in on the fun with what is honestly the best reply imaginable to Teigen's joke. He was sad that her friends weren't "Abel" to text her back, a play on The Weeknd's real moniker, Abel Tesfaye.

What's Up With That?

Another user was incredulous over the fact that the model's friends didn't respond to the joke. They said if they got a reply from Teigen, they'd reply back to it sooner than humanly possible. Same, tbh.

Some People Weren't Into It

A couple of Teigen's fans co-opted the joke and sent it to their friends. However, the results were mixed, as some people didn't even know who The Weeknd was?!

They Have The Jokes

Yet another user got in on the pun game. They said, the weekend should "not Beyonce, but Betwice." OK. That's a really good one.

A Classic Reply

All this user had to do was reply to the tweet with this meme, which includes the classic drum and cymbals sequence. They clearly understood how corny, but still hilarious, her tweet and texts to her friends were.

Of course, this isn't the first case of Teigen being so funny on Twitter, far from it actually. The model has been widely recognized for her fun quips and sarcastic comebacks on the social media site. Whether she's getting blocked by Donald Trump on Twitter or getting into some beef, but later making up with Sophia the Robot, you can always count on the TV co-host to bring the lol's. Never stop being you, Teigen.