Here's How To Win Ciate London's Chrome Nail Polish

by Kali Borovic

There have been plenty of stunning nail trends lately. Between unicorn nail polish and Prosecco-flavored laquer, you might think it can't possible get any better. Well, it's about to very soon. In case you missed the social media announcement, Ciaté London created Mirror Chrome Nail Polish. It's a level of shiny like you've never seen before, and there's a way to get it before the rest of the beauty world.

When it comes to new trends, you just never know what will come next. But it's safe to say that you never saw this coming. Ciaté London is known for their sparkly and innovative nail polishes already. Once you see their latest Chrome Nail Polish, you'll know why. According to the Instagram video, the color literally looks like a mirror is being painted on the nail. To say it's incredible would be an understatement.

You'll be able to add it to your makeup bag very soon too. According to the social media announcement, the polish is coming out in June 2017. Because there's no better way to jump into summer than with shinier-than-ever nails. If you can't wait until then, I have some good news. The brand is having a Mirror Chrome Nail Polish giveaway on their Instagram.

To enter for a chance to win the new polish, all you have to do is follow Ciaté London on Instagram, like the post, and tag two friends. The winner will be announced on Apr. 21, so it looks like you'll have until then to get in all the submissions as you'd like. The post says that there will be ten winners, so you're chances of winning are higher than normal.

As if it's not just exciting enough to win, there's one major perk. If you are one of the ten lucky winners, you'll get the nail polish shipping to you one week before they come out. So you can tease all of your friends with gorgeous nail photos while they wait to get their hands on it.

Of course, there are tons of sparkly polishes on the website that you can shop right now, if you can't wait. None of them even come close to the Mirror Chrome Polish though. Summer can't come soon enough!