Cindy Crawford's New Moisturizer Is A Must-Have For Tech Savvy Millennials

Cindy Crawford's heyday was the '90s. But the supermodel continues to reign supreme with her Meaningful Beauty brand, which is getting a packaging, marketing, and product refresh. Also, her lookalike daughter Kaia Gerber happens to be a model on the rise. These factors keep the still-stunning Crawford vital, vibrant, relevant, and firmly on my radar in 2017. And she should be on yours, too -- especially so you don't miss releases like this.

Meaningful Beauty is launching a new moisturizer that is super important for millennials and beyond. How much is it, when does it comes out, and how does it work?

All legit questions, my skincare-obsessed friends.

Meaningful Beauty's Environmental Protecting Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF30 Sunscreencomes with a $65 price tag and will be available at select ULTA Beauty locations and the ULTA site as of Aug. 20. This moisturizer battles the blue lights that are emitted by our phones, TVs, tablets, computer screens, and other electronic devices. Plus, it also claims to filter out icky environmental pollutants.

These blue lights can disrupt sleep, according to Digital Trends. They also cause skin damage and can be just as harmful as the rays of the sun, according to the press materials received by Bustle.

Of course, we all work diligently to protect our precious skin from sun damage and skin cancer. Meaningful Beauty helps you further preserve your skin with this cream's anti-blue light and anti-pollution technology.

Courtesy of Meaningful Beauty

Since our cell phones are essentially attached to our hands and next to our faces at all times, this moisturizer feels pretty essential. It purports to help reduce damage and premature aging with its broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. That said, I'm in.

You are never too young (or too old, for that matter) to take care of your skin. I would recommend slathering a layer of this moisturizer on your hands, as well. Hands are usually exposed to the elements and they always show age. Plus, who isn't texting all day, every day? So your digits are also exposed to those technology blue lights, too.

MB is launching three other new products along with this moisturizer — a next generation serum, a multi-tasking exfoliating masque, and an overnight creme with retinol.

But the showstopper is the moisturizer that address skin concerns that result from technology. That's beauty with modern meaning.