Cookie Monster Did A Reddit AMA & It's The Purest Thing On The Internet

Cookie Monster/Facebook; Reddit

Get ready to warm you cold, black heart — because even the most cynical among you will not be able to resist the warm glow of what you're about to receive. For some blessed reason, the universe decide that Reddit, usually the home of conspiracy theorists and relationship questions you never wanted to hear, decided to give us the purest gift that ever pure-d. Cookie Monster hosted a Reddit AMA — and it's golden, joyful, and cookie-filled, just as you would have hoped.

If you're not familiar with a Reddit AMA, it's an "Ask Me Anything". Normally a famous person or a someone with an interesting profession will log on and allow other Reddit users to ask them any burning questions they have about their life or their type of work. It can be really fascinating and revealing to get insights into little parts of the human experience we wouldn't run into normally. But when Cookie Monster does it, it's just so much be better.

Not only that, it was part of a great cause. The AMA was helping to publicize a contest to help fund raise money for the Yellow Feather Fund, an organization connected to Sesame Street which does some important work helping children in need. "When you contribute to the Sesame Street Yellow Feather Fund, you’re connecting with a passionate community of fans and families who care about helping vulnerable children," their website explains. They do research, social impact work, shows, and education all over the world — and have been going strong for decades. So, in order to help draw attention to this amazing cause, Cookie Monster took to the scariest place in the world — the internet — and he did not disappoint.

Cookie Monster had to field a lot of difficult question. OK, so they were mostly about cookie flavors — but that must be a tough call if you're entire job is just to love cookies. From the one flavor he would eat for the rest of his to life to his favorite part of the cookie, Cookie Monster got into all the nitty gritty details.

Of course, not all of the questions were just about flavor. He was also asked who he would most like to duet with on his hit track "C Is For Cookie", what celebrities have given him cookie treats, and what cookie best for building a cookie pyramid. Basically, there was a whole lot of insight into Cookie Monster's mind — which, to be honest, seems to be mostly filled with cookies and friendship. What a place.

Because the internet can be such a dark and, frankly, horrifying place, there's something so refreshing about something as sweet and sublime as a Sesame Street character answering questions — and seeing adults write in genuinely pure and simple questions for a character from their childhood, rather than throwing feces at each other or whatever normally happens on the internet, was a real treat.

I'm not quite ready to believe that the internet is a warm and glowing place full of possibility and non-feces, but I am starting to think that maybe there's some hope out there for humanity. We had a great time — and Cookie Monster did too.

Thank you, internet. Sometimes your gifts are bountiful.