Corinne Would Consider ‘DWTS’ Even If DeMario's On

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you've been wishing for more cheese pasta in your life, you may be in luck, because Corinne Olympios is open to doing Dancing with the Stars. The 25-year-old made a name for herself on Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor, and was more recently embroiled in the controversy surrounding Bachelor in Paradise. But that seems to be behind her now, as evidenced by the fact that Corinne said she wouldn't mind sharing the stage with DeMario Jackson, if he were to also do DWTS.

Jackson was, of course, the other contestant involved in the sexual encounter that halted filming of BIP's Season 4 due to allegations of misconduct. The executive recruiter has now been cleared of all wrongdoing in investigations by both Warner Bros. and by Corinne's lawyer, but fans might be interested to hear that Corinne also seems to bear him no ill will.

The blonde was snapped by some photographers in Los Angeles while out at a restaurant, and told them in regards to appearing on the show, "I would definitely consider it." It's been reported that DeMario is also in talks to appear on DWTS, so the same photographers asked Corinne if that would be an issue for her. And it seems like the answer is a firm no, because the Bachelor alum replied, "I don’t care. I have nothing against him."

ABC told Bustle that they do not confirm or comment on casting rumors.

Corinne's response suggests that a majority of the responsibility for the ongoing controversy involving the two reality contestants rests on the public. If the two are comfortable working together and have no bad feelings about each other, it's time for the rest of the world to get that through our heads.

It's honestly a little weird that Corinne is even being asked about her comfort level with DeMario on set. The more times the reality stars are asked about each other with the assumption that they have on going issues, the more the drama is being fueled. The ideal situation here is that both parties are allowed to move on with their careers, and either dance with the stars or not dance with the stars, whatever they see fit. But one thing that it seems will not be informing their choices is one another's presence.