Craig & Naomie Have To Work Things Out On 'Southern Charm'

by Alaina Urquhart-White
Brianna Stello/Bravo

You guys, I'm really starting to worry about Craig and Naomie on Southern Charm. Things have been extremely uncomfortable and extremely tense between them lately and I am starting to question whether they belong together at this point. Something definitely needs to give soon, because with the way they are going, neither of them will be happy if it continues this way. After a blowout fight in public on a recent episode, previews teased that they may be looking to see a professional to help them sort through the issues. Will Craig and Naomie go to couple's counseling on Southern Charm?

Honestly, I kind of hope they do get a third party in there to help them through everything that they have been fighting about. I am still rooting for the pair, and I think that they really do love each other. The main issues seem to stem from Naomie getting rightfully frustrated by Craig's lack of direction/constant tardiness and Craig getting upset because Naomie doesn't exactly make it known that she is on Team Craig all the time. In my opinion they both have points. It is pretty important to support your partner in things that they are excited about. If you can't fully support everything, then it is important to at least be nice about it.

Naomie seems to be taking a different approach and decided to teach Craig a lesson about being late. She left him at the house while she left for a party for Jennifer's new baby. This ended up with the two of them fighting in front of Jennifer's mother, who could not run away from them fast enough out of what appeared to be sheer mortification. When you start chasing people away from you because of your uncomfortable bickering, your relationship has reached red flag territory. Time to pause and regroup.

I think they will get through this, but it is unfortunately a really sour part of their romance that the world gets to watch. I think they both need to learn to be a little less explosive with the way they react to one another, but that is something that comes with time in a relationship. However they choose to address these issues, I hope they will make it through this rough patch — but it will take some serious work.