Creed Bratton’s 'Office' Reboot Ideas Will Really Take Fans On A Journey

Grab a bowl of Orville Tootenbacher’s famous popped corn, because Dunder Mifflin’s resident weirdo has offered up an intriguing storyline idea for the unconfirmed The Office reboot. In a new installment of BuzzFeed’s #TBTea, Creed Bratton imagined what an Office revival might hold for Creed Bratton, the character. And don't you worry: In classic Creed style, this hypothetical scenario paints a rich and unsettling picture. The actor and musician said,

Ah, right. That's where things left off all the way back in 2013. As you may recall, The Office finale ended after Creed the character tried to fake his own death in order to evade the police. The plan ultimately didn't work out, Creed’s Dunder Mifflin co-workers found him camping out in an office closet, and the cops hauled him away. And that was the last we saw of Creed the SCUBA-loving quality assurance director who used to be a member of The Grass Roots.

What was it that landed Creed in handcuffs, pray tell? What possibly prompted him to try to assume a new identity? What sort of crimes did the former cult leader and former cult follower commit? Take it away, Bratton:

Just when you think Bratton’s offered up more than enough story to unpack, he ties up the whole parcel with a Creed’s-the-son-of-a-martian-shaped bow. And he doesn't elaborate. How Creed of Bratton.

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Like so many other cherished television shows before it, Greg Daniels' mockumentary style comedy based on the U.K. show of the same name could get a reboot. On Dec. 18. 2017, TVLine reported that NBC may be cooking up an Office revival for the 2018-2019 season. However, if this revival were to happen, the new episodes would take a big page out of Seasons 8 and 9's book: According to the site, series lead Steve Carell would not be part of the reboot.

Even though Michael Scott may never come back to Dunder Mifflin, some of his colleagues could return to the Scranton-based paper company for one more hurrah. Several members of the show’s iconic ensemble have been pretty open to getting the band back together, including the person who played Creed on the series from 2005 to 2013.

Last month, Bratton told Bustle that even though he doesn’t know how well it’d would work, he’d be on board for a reboot no matter what. He explained,

The Office reboot idea has been a pretty polarizing one; some fans of the U.S. version of the U.K. series would rather the show be left as is. However, if this reboot does indeed happen, there better be a few B-plots dedicated to the latest chapter in Creed's bonkers life.

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Because no matter what it is that Bratton's been up to for the last decade, you know it'll be big pile of bizarre. That's what she said.