Daenerys' Wardrobe Has Major Clues About Her 'Game of Thrones' Fate, According To Emilia Clarke

The Mother of Dragons is sporting a fresh look in Season 8, and it could be a major clue as to where the beloved character is heading. In a new interview with Harper's Bazaar, Emilia Clarke revealed Daenerys' Game of Thrones Season 8 look does in fact hold secrets pertaining to the character's arc. She didn't offer up specifics — the Khaleesi knows better than that — but she did confirm that fans who noticed the touches of red in her wardrobe are on to something.

In the past, Daenerys' look has evolved from flowy white dresses to the desert ready uniform of the Dothraki to regal blue outfits and battle friendly attire. Now that she's heading North to fight alongside Jon Snow, the Targaryen queen seems to be channeling her house colors by adding touches of red to her dark furs and white coat. But there could be even more significance to her look than simply showing off some House Targaryen pride.

"Michele Clapton, our unbelievably talented costume designer, really takes each character's journey and reflects that in the clothing. Every single piece that I put on made sense for the scene that I was in, and made sense with the place that the character's in at that time," Clarke told Harper's Bazaar. "There's a real throughline for this particular season, there's a real arc and I feel like fans, like hardcore fans, will clock what's happening within the reflection of the clothing. There's definitely a story to tell there."

So far, fans have only been given a few glimpses of Daenerys' new look, but the touches of red have been included in each one. This powerful color could be hinting at a dark fate for the Mother of Dragons. On the one hand, red is the color of fire and blood — two things Targaryens know well. In that way, her clothes could be a reflection of her feelings about finally returning to Westeros. She's home and so close to the Iron Throne, she can probably taste it, but that could also means there's danger ahead.

Even Clarke admitted that Daenerys is over-confidant when she first arrives in the North. "She starts feeling pretty cocksure and confident, and then stuff happens," she told the publication. Given just how dangerous the Night King and his army is, it's not surprising that the Khaleesi will have her confidence shaken. What would be unfortunate is if something even worse happens that leads to her downfall.

Clarke previously hinted there's no happy ending waiting for Daenerys at the end of this story. In a May 2018 interview with Vanity Fair, the actor talked about filming her final scene, and her words are definitely cause for concern. "It f*cked me up. Knowing that is going to be a lasting flavor in someone's mouth of what Daenerys is ...." she said.

Her assertion coupled with Daenerys' new Targaryen style could point to the Mad Queen theory coming true. In Season 7, viewers got to see just how brutal the Dragon Queen could be in battle when she refused Tyrion's advice and had Samwell Tarly's father and brother burned alive. The impulse to rule out of fear as so many of her ancestors, including her father, did is there, and in the face of threats coming from the North and South, there's a good chance that she could fall into that trap.

StyleCaster has a less devastating idea: they point out the touches of red could be hints that Daenerys really is Azor Ahai. Being the greatest warrior in Westeros would be huge for the character. And while that gig would no doubt come with a heavy dose of heartache, at least it wouldn't immediately spell her doom.

It seems the secret to whatever lies ahead for Daenerys can be found by paying attention to her evolving wardrobe choices. The character's destination may be unclear, but at least fans know where to look for clues as the Season 8 premiere draws closer.