Daenerys Targaryen Might Be Inspiring People To Bring Back This '90s Beauty Trend

Game of Thrones/HBO

These days, she's all about the face-framing ring ringlets, complex braids, and flawless waves, but do you remember the days when Daenerys Targaryen rocked crimped hair? It was back during her Season 2 soujourn to Qarth — remember Qarth? With the blue-lipped warlocks and the wiley Xaro Xhoan Daxos? Anyway, it's still one of the best hair looks in all of Game of Thrones — and we all know that's saying a lot.

It's funny to think that the rightful Queen of the Seven Kingdoms (and of the current pop culture zeitgeist) used to rock '90s trends back in the day, but there you go. It was definitely a staple in all of the fabulous looks she wore back during Season 2, and she makes a pretty compelling case for the hairstyle in general. What do you think? Would you harken back to the '90s and rock crimped hair like the Mother of Dragons?

Well, if it's something you're interested, it's worth pointing out that the tools have gotten better than the crimping irons of yore (and whatever methods they used back in feudal Essos). Nowadays, you can nab a multi-functional crimper like NuMe's Pentacle — it creates Old Hollywood-style V-shaped crimps, while also doubling as a curling iron. A good finishing spray, like It's a 10's Miracle Whipped Finishing Spray can also add some hold to the look, without going full-on crunchy hairspray.

Game of Thrones/HBO

Of course, if you want to go the heatless (and likely more authentic, seeing as crimping irons probably didn't exist back in Daenerys' time), you can always achieve the look by meticulously creating (and subsequently un-creating) several braids.

That said, using a crimping iron is much easier and less time consuming... so both methods have their pros and cons.

Game of Thrones/HBO

Sure, the crimped hair look may be less fancy than her current style, but it's no less fabulous — in fact, the opposite might just be the case. Because as beautifully regal as she may look circa Season 7, her dour Dragonstone braids can't exactly compete with her free-flowing Qarth crimps now, can they?

Helen Sloan/Courtesy of HBO

(Actually, those intricately architectural braids are pretty darn cool).

At any rate, there are many ways to worship at the altar of Game of Thrones — so could copying Daenerys' Season 2 hair be your next way to pay homage to the series?