There's Still Hope 'Schitt's Creek' Could Live On Past Next Season, According To Dan Levy

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This has the potential to be "simply the best" news Schitt's Creek fans will hear all day. Although the beloved Pop TV and CBC hit will officially wrap with next year's Season 6, co-creator and star Dan Levy revealed it might not be the end of Schitt's Creek. Instead, the 14-episode farewell could possibly be more of a see ya later, and, honestly, here's hoping.

"The world doesn’t explode at the end of it," the actor, who plays David Rose, said in Entertainment Weekly's upcoming LGBTQ special issue. “If there is something that comes up down the line that feels compelling enough to bring our troupe back together and continue to tell a story, so be it. I’m not one to slam down the iron fist and say ‘This is it forever.’ This is just it for now.”

In addition to Levy, the Schitt's Creek "troupe," of course, also includes: Dan's dad (with whom he co-created the series), Eugene Levy (Johnny Rose), Annie Murphy (Alexis Rose), Emily Hampshire (Stevie Budd), Noah Reid (Patrick Brewer), Dustin Milligan (Ted Mullens), Chris Elliott (Roland Schitt), Jennifer Robertson (Jocelyn Schitt), Sarah Levy (Twyla Sands), and last — but certainly not least — the incomparable Catherine O'Hara as Moira Rose.

While Dan admitted to EW (the publication, not to be confused with "Ew, David!") that by the end of Season 6, which is currently in production, he feels confident they'll have "mined everything" they could, he also didn't envision the series lasting as long as it has either.

“I had thought it was going to be five [seasons], and then we were given the opportunity to do two seasons, and I thought, ‘Okay, I can tell the end of this story in 28 episodes,'” he added to EW.

After all, the actor felt that it was better to quit while they were ahead, rather than continue past Schitt's Creek's natural end. "I think the audience, the fans of the show, have really come to rely on it as like a safe space in a dark time," Dan explained in an April interview with E! News. "And the thought of pushing that past its expiry date for the sake of just being able to do another season — I care too much about our viewers and about our characters to risk taking them farther than they need to be taken."

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On the June 6 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Dan also talked about the show's unique, judgement-free portrayal of the heartwarming relationship David, who identifies as pansexual, has with now-fiancé Patrick. "I think ultimately we just try and tell stories that mean something, and I think for me to be able to tell a queer love story on television freely, and without any kind of notes from anyone, is a really rare and wonderful thing," he shared with DeGeneres.

Dan even credited the daytime host for blazing that trail, telling DeGeneres he "wouldn't be here" if it wasn't for her pioneering efforts, and also thanking her for changing the way love stories can be told on TV.

Although 2020 will bring the end of this chapter of Schitt's Creek, Dan has at least given fans hope that, in the future, the Roses just may bloom once again.