Dani Dyer's Grandad "Bruv" From 'Love Island' Has Joined Instagram In A VERY Exciting Development


Since leaving the Love Island villa Dani Dyer has been one busy lady. Winning the Love Island gong with her boyfriend Jack Fincham means she has been busy AF in her personal life as well as her professional life. However, devotion to her family is far from waining. Recently she took to her own Instagram account to support her grandad. Because Dani's grandad Bruv has joined Instagram and OMG he is already killing it with flipping over 33 thousand followers. I know right?!

Bruv stole the nation's hearts when he visited Dani in the house alongside Dani's nan, his wife Christine. Their close, loving relationship was super clear and he became known as a total and utter legend when he jumped up during his appearance on the show shouting "excuse me I got a text!". Father of Dani's actor dad Danny, his sense of humour stood out when he appeared on the show. Social media should be like a breeze for this guy. He is obviously basking in his legend status and has gone so far as to call himself @bruv_loveislandlegend on his Instagram account. You got to love his moxie really. He has been sharing never before seen shots of the Dyer clan and like, winning Instagram RN.

Bruv is an unusual name for your granddad right? Well the story behind the name is pretty hilarious. Speaking in the beach hut on the loved up TV show, Dani explained that when she was a kid she really wanted a brother. So as a result, she decided to start calling him "Bruv". Now that is like, adorbs.

"I call me grandad Bruv becasue I wanted a brother when I was little, it's a confusing story but he's me brother in a weird sense".

Fans love the fact that Dani calls her grandad the unusual nickname and took to Twitter to show how into it they are.

It was actually Dani that gave him a little free promotion on her own Instagram account. She took a screen grab of Bruv's account and wrote "Everyone get following my Bruv @bruv_loveislandlegend".

Bruv has not let fans down, the football fan sharing photos of himself with football legend Lionel Messi.

As well as this, his never—before—seen photos of him being a super adorable grandparent and clearly loving the role are cute puppy video levels of adorbz.

The first photo he posted was of him, his wife, and Dani enjoying the perks of her new found fame, basking in the sunshine in a nice hotel in Majorca where she was making a public appearance.

Fans were super pleased to see she is bringing her lovely grandparents on personal appearances. Give the people what they want am I right?

Dani, who is devoted to her fans, recently set the story straight after many seemed under the impression that she has been cancelling her public appearances. The hard working TV personality showed what a kind and appreciative person she is by ensuring her fans know she isn't letting them down and has not missed one confirmed appearance.

Bruv has gained over 33K followers in just 2 days, receiving huge praise from followers. This is one Love Island legend who isn't going anywhere.