Demi Lovato Has A New Song Coming Out

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Unless they're super open in interviews, the closest I can get to a peek into a celebrity's personal life is if they write a song. So you know that, as soon as I heard she had new music coming out, I was wondering if Demi Lovato's "No Promises" would be about Wilmer Valderrama. At the moment, not a ton of information is readily available about the new track, other than the title and the fact that it will be released Friday. But this isn't my first time at the rodeo, and I can draw more than a few conclusions from the wording of a song title. For me, I hear the word "promises," and I go straight to "promise ring." That, for me, signals engagements and weddings, two things that Lovato and Valderrama never quite got around to during their six-year relationship.

The couple broke up in June 2016. Even though Lovato has clearly moved on — first with UFC fighter Luke Stronghold, and now with MMA fighter Guilherme 'Bomba' Vasconcelos — she and Valderrama still share a lot of history together. For that reason, it would make sense to me if Lovato was using her art to work through the feelings inspired by her breakup, even as she finds new love with someone else.

But if that's not enough to convince you this theory is worth hearing out, the cover art that Lovato shared on her Instagram when making the "No Promises" announcement on Monday just might do it.

It's hard to tell, because the image is both abstract and quite literally shattered, but that sure does look like a breaking heart inside the pyramid to me. Maybe those shapes have a different meaning for Lovato, but, when I look at them, I'm put in mind of a heart either exploding outward or putting itself back together; it has fractures, clearly, but it's still intact — a feeling that might sound familiar to you from the devastation following a breakup.

Whether I'm right or wrong about the content, one thing I'm confident of is that "No Promises" is going to be on repeat in my life for the next couple weeks. Lovato knows what I like — which is darker, edgy topics smothered in undeniably catchy, danceable beats — and she hasn't let me down in recent memory.