Demi Lovato Wore Denim Chaps On The Red Carpet & The Internet Has A Lot Of Thoughts

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Stars love to take fashion risks. Selena Gomez's mismatched heels on the red carpet were a mind-boggling moment for many, while the Met Gala is known for inspiring some head-scratching fashions. Now, another major moment has happened. Demi Lovato wore denim chaps on the Jingle Ball red carpet, and she slayed the look.

Lovato is no stranger to daring fashions, and it's easily one of the reasons her fans love her so much — well, that and her refreshing candor and talent. From her gorgeous cut-out gown at the 2017 Grammys to her sequin pants and sheer lace top at the 2017 VMAs, Lovato knows how to make heads turns on a carpet. And she did it again at Jingle Ball.

The "Sorry Not Sorry" singer appeared at the Miami Jingle Ball rocking denim chaps with round buttons running up the legs. The look was topped off with a denim garter belt, matching garters, and an oversized denim jacket. Basically, if Xtina's "Dirty" phase and the iconic denim looks of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake had a baby, it would be this look. Whether you love it or hate it, everyone's got to give it up for Lovato for crushing every look she wears.

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After walking the red carpet, Lovato took to the Jingle Bell stage to perform. And hey, if you need to move on stage, this is definitely the look to do it in.

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The buttons down the front of the pant legs are definitely reminiscent of the button front of your favorite flare leg jeans of the early 2000's, right?

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Let's just talk about how Lovato went full Canadian tuxedo meets lace leotard and still slayed the look — and the stage.

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That radiant smile, though, is totally the winning moment of the look.

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As for reactions on Twitter, they were, unfortunately, less than happy with the look.

Some compared Lovato's chaps to the iconic, denim-clad girl group B*Witched — and it isn't in any sort of flattering way.

Others mourned the loss of Joan Rivers, believing the late fashion maven would call Lovato out on the look.

Social media wasn't completely devoid of praise, however. Some fans were loving the look.

Sly fans may think the chaps looks familiar, and that's because it's not the first time Lovato has worn them. At her 2017 VMA performance, she wore a pair of sheer black chaps with a tapered ankle paired with a black grommeted belt and a plunging blue v-neck leotard. To no one's surprise, she rocked the look then just like she did now.

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Not only did she crush the performance, but she stole the show in her look as well.

But the chaps aren't the only familiar feature of the ensemble. At the New York Jingle Ball, Lovato also performed and appeared on the red carpet wearing an all denim look. With an oversized denim jacket and jeans, the threw it back with both the look and the wash of the clothing.

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Apparently all denim everything is Lovato's thing now, and to be honest, it's kind of a good thing. If you love Britney and Justin's iconic looks, this Lovato throwback is right up your alley.

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Whether you love Demi Lovato's denim chaps, prefer her more glamorous red carpet looks, or will support her even if she's rocking a fashionable trash bag, Lovato's fashion presence is undeniable. The truth is that even if she is wearing that designer trash bag, it probably looks great.

With her talent, honesty, and devotion to her fans, it doesn't matter what she wears. She looks flawless, confident, and she's sorry not sorry if you don't love her look.