Demi Lovato Is Skipping The #10YearChallenge Trend For The Best Possible Reason

Ari Perilstein/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The 2009/2019 photo comparisons going around Instagram are fun, but Demi Lovato has a great reason for not partaking in the trend. She's moving forward with her life — and as such, she doesn't have much need for dwelling on the past. Demi Lovato's #10YearChallenge post shows that it's totally fine to live in the present, if you don't want to look back to a decade ago.

In the first few weeks of the new year, people have taken to sharing photos of how they've changed over the last 10 years, including plenty of celebrities. It can be amusing to reflect on the past, especially if you've gone through major life changes like graduating or moving to a new city. And while there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, Lovato's reasoning for not sharing an old picture is totally sound.

"Sorry, I'd love to post a #10YearChallenge pic, but I'm too busy living in the moment..." Lovato posted on Instagram Story, along with the hair-flip emoji. The sentiment is short but sweet, and it definitely gets her point across.

Lovato's sentiment goes along with what else she's shared since returning home from rehab, too. She hasn't posted on Instagram too often in the past few months, but all of her posts seem to share a common thread of gratefulness and hope for the days ahead.

For example, on Dec. 31, Lovato shared a New Year's message about how appreciative she is of the people in her life who've supported her in the last year. "So grateful for the lessons I've learned this year," the "Sober" singer posted on her Instagram Story. She continued,

"I will never take another day in life for granted, even the bad ones. Thankful for my fans, friends, family and everyone who supported me throughout this year. God bless."

In a post after her hospitalization last summer, Lovato shared a similar message of hope. She's since deleted it from her own Instagram, but a screenshot of Lovato's post about sobriety is still live on her mom's account. In that post, the singer thanked her family and friends for their support as she continues working on her sobriety.

More recently, Lovato shared an Instagram message about self-love last week. "Sometimes idk who needs to hear it, maybe it's myself, but someone needs to know they are beautiful and worthy of love," she wrote on her Story.

The singer may be living in the present, but that doesn't mean she's totally confident all of the time, because who is? But her message is a nice reminder to fans that everyone is worthy of love, no matter what their situation is. Based on her recent posts, it looks like Lovato is just thankful for every day. And she's working on having a great time in the present, rather than dwelling on the past.

Whether or not fans have chosen to share their own #10YearChallenge photos, Lovato's post is a nice reminder that it's OK to just want to look forward. Life can keep getting better every year, no matter how old you are. And the prospect of a fresh start with the new year brings so many possibilities. So if throwback photos aren't your thing, it's perfectly fine to look ahead instead.