Here's How Demi Really Feels About Her 'Paradise' Ex Derek Becoming The Next Bachelor

ABC/John Fleenor

Demi Burnett and Derek Peth's romance on Bachelor in Paradise might not have ended the way he was hoping it would, but there appears to be no hard feelings between the two. In fact, Demi recently said she'd support Derek as the next Bachelor — but there's one major reason why she's hesitant to outright endorse him for the role.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, the former beauty queen was asked about the fan campaign for Derek to become the newest Bachelor, which kicked off in the wake of their breakup on Bachelor in Paradise. "I will support him whatever he wants to do. I just want him to be happy," Demi told the outlet. However, fans shouldn't expect her to join their social media campaign any time soon: "[But] I wouldn't want to campaign [for him], because what if some of my other friends want the gig too?" she said.

Still, Demi couldn't help but gush about how kind and supportive Derek was of her decision to rekindle her relationship with Kristian Haggerty, who she was dating before Paradise. "He blew me away," Demi said of her costar's behavior during their breakup. "He's mature and he obviously knows how to have good conversations, and even tough conversations. He makes people feel good, and he really is a good guy."

Demi also revealed that while things could have been uncomfortable between them after the breakup, Derek made an effort to be friendly and respectful of Kristian, out of love for Demi. "Derek being so awesome and respectful, honestly we hung out with him all the time," she told ET. "I would, like, always see him and Kristian off in the corner talking. I was like, 'This is so weird. But hey, I'm cool with it.'Everyone was friendly."

Plus, she revealed, Derek has all of the important qualities that fans would be looking for in a potential Bachelor: "He's really so great," she gushed, adding that Derek is "a great kisser. We stan!"

This interview is far from the first time that Demi has gushed about what a "good guy" and great friend Derek is and has been during her coming-out journey and her decision to pursue a relationship with Kristian on TV. After the episode of Bachelor in Paradise where Demi came out as bisexual to Derek aired on Aug. 13, she tweeted about how thankful she was for his support. "LETS GIVE IT UP FOR DEREK PETH!!!!! WHAT A WHOLESOME MAN," Demi wrote, adding several heart emojis for emphasis.

That support has continued in the weeks since; on Aug. 20, Derek shared a series of tweets asking for Bachelor Nation to treat Demi with respect and empathy while watching her reunion with Kristian. "As you all watch this, I want to ask that you have as much empathy as you can for Demi," he wrote on Twitter. "I’ve seen some really hurtful things being said that don’t reflect how I feel and I lived this. I’m glad that you’re finally all able to see how open and honest she’s always been with me."

He also addressed the backlash that Demi received for her decision to pursue a relationship with someone she met before filming on Paradise began, writing, "I think it’s unfair to assume we should all be clean slates bent on getting engaged because we’re on a show." Derek added, "This is our lives and we’re all just people seeking meaningful connections. That’s what Demi and I are both doing and it should be respected."

While they might not have gotten their happily ever after on Bachelor in Paradise, it's clear that Demi and Derek's relationship is stronger and more adorable than ever. And if he does become the next Bachelor, at least fans already know that he has the full support of Bachelor Nation's resident "queer queen."