Everyone Is Cracking Up Over Demi's Reaction To Haley & JPJs 'BiP' Breakup


Well, the inevitable finally happened. Derek let Haley in on John Paul Jones' romantic feelings for Tayshia, which quickly led to Haley breaking up with JPJ on the beach in front of the entire tiki bar. And Demi's reaction to their confrontation was representative of how the entire fan base felt — her facial expressions and body language said it all.

Haley felt completely blindsided when she found out from someone other than JPJ that he had strong feelings for Tayshia, and wasn't acting remotely interested in Haley around the others. Meanwhile, in confessionals, Haley was gushing over him and talking about how easily he would fit into her family back home. When she heard the news, she decided to confront him about it — multiple times.

The first time came to fruition as a semi-cordial conversation where she expressed, tearfully, that she was hurt by JPJ's lack of communication about his feelings. He apologized and explained that because he and Tayshia hit it off first, he felt a particular loyalty to her. But he insisted that she was an amazing girl who deserved to find love.

After that talk, Haley didn't feel much better. She told Tayshia and Blake that she felt like a pawn in JPJ's game to get a rose in case Tayshia were to give hers to Derek. So, she talked to him again that evening, and everyone was there to watch.

She reminded JPJ that when he gave her his rose the week prior, he told her he felt "an instant connection" with her. Obviously, that wasn't true. “How is that fair to me?” she said. "I would rather just go home... it's not about getting a rose for me, it's about finding something serious." JPJ reacted carelessly, as if he didn't have any more to say than he did earlier that day. “What can you do, I”m sorry," he said. And Haley became more visibly angry. "I am not plan B b*tch," she said.

JPJ went on to say that he only went on the date with Haley because Tayshia told him to explore his options. Amazed that JPJ was willing to admit that aloud, Demi couldn't look away from the hole he continued to bury himself in. Her facial expressions summed up literally all of Bachelor Nation while listening to the whole convo go down.

Season 6 marks Haley's third time in Paradise, which could be why the breakup with JPJ left her feeling particularly defeated. “What’s wrong with me?" she said. "Why doesn’t anybody want to date me?“ JPJ continued to shrug her off. “You’re a big girl," he told her. “You could’ve brought this to me sooner." He added, “I was in the wrong by not telling her."

Haley regained a bit of hope when two new guys walked down the stairs, and with a rose in her hand, she has the power to stay one more week and see if something sparks with either one of them. Mike Donald seemed to respect her BiP veteran status, but he took Sydney on a date, so it's very possible that she'll leave Mexico single once again.