These Clues Demi & Kristian Are Still Together After 'Paradise' Are Hard To Ignore


Demi made a major decision in Bachelor in Paradise this week when she chose to end things with Derek and stay on the beach with Kristian. And now that her lady love has arrived, the next major mystery is whether Demi and Kristian are still dating after Paradise. Demi's relationship with Kristian has been all over the promos for Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 and the trailer hinted they might even become engaged. With Kristian coming to Paradise in the Aug. 20 episode, viewers are finally getting to see how their relationship will all play out. And there are definitely clues from Bachelor Nation that Demi and Kristian's relationship will last once they leave the beach.

Demi let Derek go to give all of herself to Kristian in the third week of Paradise. Their reunion was one of the sweetest moments of the BiP season so far. Yet, even though Kristian came all the way to Mexico for Demi, she expressed some concerns about their relationship due to Demi's relationship with Derek. But they seemed to resolve those issues during their one-on-one date at the end of Tuesday's episode when they both said they loved each other. To be fair, the two are no Caelynn and Dean when it comes to potentially spoiling their post-Paradise fate, but Demi has provided some clues on social media that she might still be with Kristian today.

After the episode aired, Demi shared a photo from their date on Instagram, thanking Kristian for coming to Paradise with a heart emoji. That post could simply be about expressing her gratitude to a former girlfriend for being willing to share a part of their love story on national television. But it has heavy implications that they are currently together — especially when Kirpa, of Colton's Bachelor season, commented, "I love you guyssss."

But it's not just Kirpa who seems to have inferred that Demi and Kristian are still very much a couple. While Demi and Kristian are now dating on reality TV, they met in real life first. Reality Steve reported that Catherine Agro, who was with Demi on Colton's season of The Bachelor, introduced the women. As shown on Kristian's Instagram, Catherine and she are longtime friends. And on Tuesday, Catherine shared the video of Kristian and Demi meeting in Paradise on her Instagram Story and wrote, "My best friends!!!! I love you both so much happy." While she didn't directly say that the friends she set up are still together, her comment is telling. Would she have posted that same message if Demi and Kristian were broken up?

More members of Bachelor Nation have been celebrating the first LGBTQ relationship to play out on the franchise. But their love-filled posts could also be a clue that Demi and Kristian are together. On Demi's current Instagram Story, she shared supportive messages from her Bachelor pals — like Onyeka and Katie, who both noted how happy they are for Demi. She also shared what newer arrival Caitlin posted, which seems particularly spoilery. "Love is love and you both deserve to be so happy. I'm so glad you have each other," Caitlin wrote. (Note the present tense.)

Twitter has even more Bachelor Nation members potentially revealing what's up with the pair. Kristina wrote about Demi and Kristian's date, "I can't wait to see this beautiful relationship blossom." And Demi retweeted Nicole writing, "I'M SO HAPPY THE WORLD FINALLY GETS TO MEET KRISTIAN! She's one of the most down to earth and funniest people I know. So happy for you both."

With all of the love being sent Demi and Kristian's way, it would be rather awkward if they were broken up. So while the world won't officially know their status until Paradise is over (unless Demi spills it on her upcoming appearance on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast), you can have the tiny bit of confidence that maybe Demi is happily in love with Kristian after their time on Paradise.