Anezka Is A Suspect On 'Jane The Virgin'

Tyler Golden/The CW

The speculation surrounding Scott's death may be lasting longer than his character's screen time ever did, but Jane the Virgin keeps amping up the intrigue. As any good fan should have already theorized, the police now suspect that Anezka killed Scott on Jane the Virgin. After Petra lied about Scott's burn book and moving Scott's bones, Dennis and his new partner Dana were understandably suspicious that Petra was also lying about not speaking to her twin sister Anezka for the last three years. The detectives baited Petra into reaching out to Anezka during "Chapter 59" and Petra's actions are making her sister look extremely guilty.

While Petra and Scott always had a contentious relationship, Scott and Anezka were in love and even got married. Before the three year time jump after Michael's death, this married couple was busy blackmailing Petra, but now Scott is presumably dead and Anezka is nowhere to be found. Well, "nowhere to be found" is a bit of an exaggeration since Petra knows exactly where Anezka is and has been supporting her. The police are monitoring Petra's emails and saw that she sent the following message to her sister:

"I won't be able to contact you for a while. You need to go dark. I'll make a deposit in your account."

Because the police think this email might be an indication that Anezka is guilty of killing her husband and that Petra is covering up for her, I'm more inclined to think that isn't the case. That doesn't mean I don't think that Anezka could have gone into hiding because of something to do with Scott though. Maybe their relationship went sour and Petra wanted her to escape. Maybe their mother got out of prison and was not happy with Anezka's marriage. Maybe Scott isn't even dead and Anezka and him are chilling in a remote location together right now. The possibilities are endless on Jane the Virgin.

Still, while it seems safe to say that Petra has been trying to protect her sister no matter what the circumstances are, she is actually causing Anezka harm. Everything that Petra does to cover up whatever it is that she is hiding just brings the police closer to Anezka. That means that even though Anezka may be going "dark," the police might find her and although I don't want anything bad to happen to Petra's goofy sister, maybe Dennis and Dana will finally get some closure on who killed Scott if they do.