Our Best Theories About Rosa's Mysterious Death On 'Roswell, New Mexico'

John Golden Britt/The CW

Liz thought her stay in Roswell, New Mexico would be brief, but the events of the Jan. 22 episode mean she'll probably be staying in town a little longer. Now, Liz is determined to find out who killed Rosa, her sister who she thought was killed in a car crash 10 years ago. But the circumstances surrounding her death are becoming more suspicious by the minute, and the truth about what happened may end up breaking Liz's heart.

In the second episode of the CW's Roswell reboot, the anniversary of Rosa's death brings tension between Liz's family and the families of the the other women killed in the crash, but also a heightened need for closure. And unbeknownst to Liz, she goes looking for answers in all the right places.

First, she asks Max to use his alien powers to show her Rosa in his memory one last time, revealing Max saw Rosa the day she died. Then, she asks Kyle for Rosa's autopsy and toxicology report. He shows her what he believes is a fake autopsy, because Rosa's appendix is marked as whole when he knows it burst years prior, and then drops the bomb that he thinks Rosa was murdered by an alien.

After that, Kyle shows Liz a confidential file including a photo of Rosa's hand covered with an alien handprint — just like the one on Liz's shoulder. He also demands to know who gave Liz the handprint, but she doesn't give Max up — at least, not at first. At the end of the episode, Liz vows to find whoever killed her sister and bring them to justice, even if it is Max.

That being said, Kyle isn't totally trustworthy. He's working with people who think the aliens are determined to destroy human life, when all we've seen so far from Max and his extraterrestrial siblings is a desire to be left alone. What if he, or someone else, faked the second autopsy, too?

John Golden Britt/The CW

Also... what's happening with Max's sudden anger issues? Could the poison that Max feels after healing Liz have something to do with all of this? Maybe a similar reaction occurred between Rosa and one of the alien siblings. Maybe they were trying to help her.

There's also Michael and his secret calculations, and Isobel's mind-manipulation powers that could explain why Rosa had a handprint on her face. It's still possible Rosa's death was an accident and not a murder, but either way, Episode 2 proved there are a lot of answers left to uncover. It's way too soon to come to a conclusion with only this much information — especially considering that while Liz did have an older sister named Rosa who overdosed and died in the Roswell High books, it wasn't huge mystery, nor was it a plot point in the original show. So, there aren't any spoilers to be gleaned from there.

Learning that your teenage crush is an alien is hard enough as is, and now Liz has to solve a murder mystery too. Between protecting her father from those who want to hurt him for Rosa's accident, and a chance to prove that it wasn't an accident at all, Liz has a lot on her plate. For her sake, let's hope that Max doesn't hold on to whatever he's hiding much longer.