Where Did Rachel & Nick Go Wrong On 'The Bach'?

Bill Matlock/ABC

Ah, that time in a season of The Bachelor during which we get to speculate who is zooming who, if you know what I mean. Fantasy Suite week is here, and Nick is officially allowed to do the hibbity dibbity with the women who are still on his show. But, did Rachel have sex with Nick on The Bachelor? Well, for one, it's none of our business what they did in the Fantasy Suite. But, two, that's not even the most pressing question, if you ask me.

Rachel’s circumstances are particularly interesting to me because she’s already been announced as the new Bachelorette. The producers of The Bachelor have ruined the end of the season in one way for us, so now I’m looking to see the cracks and fissures in Nick’s relationship with Rachel. Why didn’t it work? They have chemistry and they seem to laugh a lot, so… what’s up? Were we subjected to an awkward morning-after montage with Rachel and Nick sipping coffee in bed? Or a camera panning away as a sheer curtain dances in the breeze? Perhaps a panning to the majestic Northern Lights over the Finnish lands? Oh, wait — that last one was Raven's date with Nick. Anyway, we did indeed get a vision of Nick offering to make Rachel breakfast the morning after! And he did!

We know that Rachel and Nick couldn't make it happen, but right now, these two look so happy. Rachel keeps talking about how she wants to "seal the deal," and I'm just not sure where it will go bad? If a man is making me pancakes the morning after, that's sealing the deal, so we'll have to see where Rachel and Nick went wrong.